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March 1st, 2019

11:42 am: Coffee, Tea or… etc.

Coffee, Tea or… etc.




Coffee Talk series by Mercutio

Malachite series by wheel_pen


Ransom by Kelex

1 Ransom

2 Easter Before Coffee


A Cup O’ Joe by Shelly

Black Coffee in Bed by Janet F. Caires-Lesgold (Nourishment 2.9)

Blood and Coffee by WyrmLivvy

Coffee House by Urban Evil Goddess

Caffeine by nonotthatone

Coffee Bets by Brennah_K

Coffee Scented Kisses by the_charm_caster

Coffee Shop Confidential by Laceymcbain

Finding Strength in Coffee by sabershadowkat

First Coffee of the Day by Evangelene

Hospital Coffee by Tara O'Shea

I Blame The Coffee by Maveness Delight

Over Coffee by Lady Mondegreen

Postcards and Coffee In the Land Of Snow & Ice by all_you_wanted



Funeral Tea by Janet F. Caires-Lesgold

Madeleine with Tea by ahlade

Pennyroyal Tea by Basingstoke

Tea With Chronus by whiteroses77

Tea...Towel for Two by danceswithgary



Dandelion Wine by dossier

Mistletoe and Wine by Karen Colohan

Sparkling Wine, Sparkling Skin by BradyGirl_12

Strawberry Wine by Ceares (Chloe, Lana)

The Wine Cellar by Lillian

Wine and Tears by justabi

Wine, a Constant Proof by LastScorpion

Wine, of the Heart by Shellah (trinaest)



Champagne And Apple Cider series by BradyGirl_12

Part One, Part Two 

Divergent Persona series by josephina_x

1 Crying Into Scotch

2 Sweet, Cold Revenge (...sort of)

3 ...What The Hell Just Happened?

4 Life Happens (...Well, Shit) 

Since Tuesday series by Melisande

1 The Real Thing

2 Cognac and Lava Lamps

3 Lex 101

4 Meet the Parents


Alcohol + Clark by philtre

Bourbon on the Rocks by SaitouLover

Champagne Wishes by Teland

Cocktails and Dreams by phoenixnz

In Vino Veritas by nonotthatone

Like Whiskey warms the Blood by Nicole G

Maybe it was the Alcohol by kHo (RPS)

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash by Tzigane and Zaganthi

Scotch Gambit by rivkat

Snow, Poets, Rum and Love by Mako

That Evil Demon Liquor by spasticat

Would You Like a Beer With That by joyfulgirl41



A Dozen Drinks by Linda Seton

Drinking Is Bad by Christine

Drinking Me Lonely by sparkin

Hard Drink by DianeHC (Part 7 of Rockgut a sequel to the Confessions series)

I Drank What? by Anemone

No More DrinkyDrinky For You! by CravenHellsing

The Wrong Drink by cinderella81



Beaten To The Punch by yavannauk

Punch Drunk Love by LadyDreamer

Punch-Drunk Love or The Third Mrs. Luthor by Liviapenn



Peppermint Soda series by Fabrisse 

Fireplaces, Kittens and Hot Chocolate by philtre

Hot Cocoa by BradyGirl 12

Lemonade by Corinna

Of Juice and Justice by Shropshire

Special Brew by Alisanne

Strange Brew by BradyGirl 12

The Slushy by Nymph Du Pave

Toffee Cappuccino by Aklani (provide email addy and I'll send it to you)

Of Security Bubbles and Raspberry Cappuccino by Maddie



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February 14th, 2019

02:07 pm: Title Keywords






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01:56 pm: From my Heart to yours…

From my Heart to yours…


Alien!Clark by ArtemisRaine

1 Hearts In Ink

2 Love In Color


Broken Hearts, Shadows by Allzugern

1 A Summer of Broken Hearts

2 Jumping Over Shadows


Choices by Brighid

1 Deepest and Hardest

2 Home, Heart, Where, Is


Cold Hearted and The Road Home by DianeHC

1 Cold-hearted

2 The Road Home


Dance With Your Heart by Danceswithgary, Morganichelle

1 Dance With Your Heart

2 Not Only The Tango

3 Winning and Losing


Heart and Soul by Pandamomochan

1 Heart and Soul

2 Heart and Soul Encore


Heartbroken by Alex

1 Heartbroken

2 Secrets and Mattresses

3 Pitfall

4 Mourning


Heartland by Averaird

1 Heartland - Book One

2 Heartland - Book Two


Heartland by BradyGirl 12

1 Heartland I: "Truth, Justice, And The..."

2 Heartland II: Apple Pie, Pumpkins, Popcorn, And The Bluebird Of Happiness


Lessons from the Heart by Kendermouse

1 Lessons From The Heart

2 The Baby Question


The Leading Heart by Myownspecialself

1 The Leading Heart

2 Changing of the Guard



A Heart Whose Love is Innocent by Coren Lee

A Strong Heart, A Steady Heart by LadyDreamer

Annissa at Heart by Margeaux Van Gogh

At the Heart of it All by Elanorelle

Candy Cane Hearts by Tasabian

Carving Your Place in My Heart by Twinsarein

Cold Hands, Warm Heart by QueenofSchmoop

Conquer the Heart by ArtemisRaine

Cookie Dough & Candy Hearts by Dayspring

Deeper Into the Heart of the Corn by Lenore

Drumheart by Cloudlb

Dry Erase Heart by Rose Emily

Echoes of the Heart by Namesake_Demuel

Eclipse of the Hearts by mahaliem

Epitaph for My Heart by Slinkling

Fill Your Hearts With Christmas Cheer by Twinsarein

From The Depths of Heart & Soul by Tshreyu

From The Heart by AtieJen

Haunted Heart by Sabershadowkat

Hazard of Hearts by Wereleopard58 (Lea)

Hear With Your Heart by A Fallen Sister (Cleo)

Heart Attack At 23 by Rhiannonhero

Heart Beats by DoreyG (Clark Kent, J'onn J'onzz)

Heart by KaRaEa

Heart Magic by Sabershadowkat

Heart of a King by Pepperjackcandy

Heart of Darkness by Dogpoet

Heart of Stone by Gothgirl

Heart’s Desire by MicheConnor

Heartbeat Game by EmelyGinger

Heartbeat To A Gunshot by Meghan (Strangefancy)

Heartfelt by WyrmLivvy

Heart's Haven by Digitalwave

Home Is Where the Heart Is by Keikokin

Home is Where the Heart is by svgurl410 (Collie)

Listen to Your Heart by Elandrialore

Metal Heart by Lifeinwords

Open Heart, Open Arms by BuffyAngel68

Purple Hearts by Chibimom

Seven Heartbeats by Bonibaru

Shot Through the Heart by Callie2290

Shot Through the Heart by RileyC

Some Days Better Than My Heart by Nestra

Songs for a Lonely Heart by Digitalwave

Stolen Hearts by whiteroses77

Tell-Tale Hearts by RileyC

The Color of My Heart by Burnt Smore

The Heart of the Matter by Myownspecialself

The Shape of Lex's Heart by Shadow Raven 23

The Stolen Heart by BradyGirl 12

The Way to a Man's Heart by BradyGirl 12

To Thine Own Heart Be True by Shelly

Vibrations of the Heart by Santheum

What My Heart Says by Daylight Shadow

Where is My Heart by Taxilady23 (Linda C.)  (ClarkWhitney)

Where the Heart Is by Mskatej (Kate Lewis)

Wild at Heart by Dogpoet

Wine, of the Heart by Shellah (trinaest)

with every beat of her cocaine heart by Allourheroes

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February 9th, 2019

10:12 pm: Wave 8
WAVE 8 – Final Line

1 And He Cried by Angelee
Life sucks sometimes. (7th wave)
2 Watching Lex
 by Angelee
When does the watching end and the taking charge begins?

3 Stealing Lex  by Angelee
Does the end justify the means?

Descent by Orithain & Rina
1 When Likes Attract
What if instead of Clark redeeming Lex, he let his own darkness match him?
2 Burying the Past
How are Lex and Kal going to rid themselves of baggage from their pasts?

Actions and Consequences by Tashath
Can Clark & Lex pick up the pieces?

Allure  by Zaeria Cheng
Poor Lex is in a dilemma…to love or to protect? Clark takes matters into his own hands!

Destiny's Couple by Bleudiablo
Lex returns to Smallville a three months after the meteor shower and meets a young, silent Clark. Their friendship is a thing of Destiny no matter when it started.

Farmboy by Chelle
"I was inspired by the presence of a master."

Favoring Fire by Beth & Nomi
Can America help Lex find the perfect mate?

The First Time I Gave Myself to You  by Joanne Collins
Lex gave Clark his life the first moment they met.

And For You, I Am  by M.F. Luder
And since then I am because you are,
and since then you are, I am and we are
and for love I will be, you will be, we will be.

Friendship's Cost and Love's Price  by AtieJen
Rumours and lies. What is the outcome of one little lie?

It's When You Smile  by M.F. Luder
It's only when you smile that I can be.

A Lexual Trauma  by Anna
Sequel to "A Fruit Basket" (from CLFF 7th Wave)

Lips  by Chibimom
“Why does everyone say relax when they’re about to do something terrible?”

Mischief  by Teaphile
"In all the ways that matter, we are alike."

Never Had a Chance  by Zaeria Cheng
Ever get that feeling you should’ve just stayed in bed today? Lois finds out something, and wishes she’d listened to that feeling…

A Practical Guide to Dating Lex Luthor  by nortylaK
Clark reveals all.

Queer Eye for the Metropolis Guy  by Rae Blackman
Clark gets a makeover and comes out of the closet.

Real Person Slash  by Henry Jones Jr.
"Who wrote this stuff?"

Repercussions  by Anna
Sequel to "A Fruit Basket" & "A Lexual Trauma"

Screwing it Up  by Kitkat
Clark and Lex try not to screw things up during a first date from hell.

Seven Weeks  by RavenWolf
There are a lot of things that Lex doesn't remember.

Sleight of Hand  by Karen Colohan
Superman is a welcome visitor at the penthouse these days.

Theory & Application  by Orithain & Rina
Clark has an assignment.

The Thin Ice  by Kryptokitten
Lex isn't the only one who tends to self-destruct.

Three-Stone  by Kitten
Note to self: keep inner-monologue inner.

To Dream  by M.F. Luder
That what can be imagined can be achieved...that you must dare to dream.

Truth  by Brandi
"I think the galaxy owes me one."

With a Bang  by Quinn
Blood, pain, sacrifice, anguish, and death – sounds like a marriage all right.

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February 8th, 2019

10:12 pm: Wave 7

WAVE 7 – First Line

The Awakening series by Artemis

1 Paying the Piper
On a weekend trip to Metropolis, Lex is forced to bring Clark to a gay club. Clark is confronted with startling hidden truths about his best friend.

2 Sandman
Six months later, Clark is haunted by dreams. He's tried his best to have a relationship with Lana, but something vital is missing. Sequel to "Playing the Piper."


Descent by Orithain & Rina

1 When Likes Attract
What if instead of Clark redeeming Lex, he let his own darkness match him?

2 Burying the Past
How are Lex and Kal going to rid themselves of baggage from their pasts?


Trial by Media series by La Chatte Noire

1 Trial by Media
Clark enlists Chloe's help to save his Lex. Post-Shattered.

2 Teacher's Pet  
Clark was about to faint when he saw the new Science Professor - Lex Luthor. 

a. v. ante : inquiry by iep  
Everything has a beginning that starts in the middle. 

AA - Amorous Adventures by Chibimom  
"He's drunk as a skunk, Mr. Kent," Pete said. 

And He Cried by Angelee
Life sucks sometimes. 

"B" Is For by Dayspring
Lex & Clark have a vocabulary discussion. Really. 

Blowup Dolls & Alien by daylight shadow
Lex swears off women and men; Clark helps by coming up with alternatives. 

Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Lexalot
If you believe in miracles, a blessing can come in any form. 

Butterfly Logic by Liz
A butterfly flaps its wings…and the world changes, but some things always remain unchanged. 

The Cabin by Sabby
Lex and Clark spend a week in a Cabin in the woods, following the aftermath of 'Slumber.' 

Change by Hecubus
Lex decides to make a change in his life, and he gets much more than he expected. Also read the sequel Confession where Clark makes a confession and Lex makes a promise.

Clark Kent, Prince of Spandex by Cassandra
Clark is in a tight situation. 

The Dancer by Bleudiablo
Lionel's legacy would be the best. 

Don't Kill Me, Clark! by Beloved  
Lex and Clark get together - all because of a shirt! 


Don't Kill Me, Clark! - the drabbles by Beloved
Lex and Clark get together - all because of a shirt!

Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth by Ellidyay
Clark & Lex have a chat. 

Elusive Memories by Artemis
No one should ever underestimate Lex Luthor. 

Everyone Knows by Chibimom
Clark didn't realize how much his friends and family knew. 

Evolution by Artemis
Clark made a mistake, and to pay for it, he’s indenturing himself to the circus. Lex isn’t so happy about this, and determined to help Clark out, he sets into motion events that reshape their world. 

Faint Hopes & Wishes by Polly Bywater
Meddling friends and family shove Clark out of the closet and into Lex's arms. 

Favoring Fire by Beth & Nomi
Can America help Lex find the perfect mate? 

Fun With Fruit by Jinx
Fruit = Sex...Hey! It's been known to happen. 

The Fruit Basket by Anna
Clark tortures Lex. 

Impotent! by Witch Hazel  
"Impotent? No son of Luthor is impotent!" 

Instant Mess by Kryptokitten
The 21st Century's answer to phone sex -- Instant Messenger. 

Martha's Boys by Chelle
"How about working with me at the crap factory, Clark?" 

Maybe Tomorrow by Sierra
"Clark, I don't know how this happened, but I think my hand is superglued to your ass." 

The Odd Couple by Orithain & Rina
Lex isn't sure if it's love or war. 

The Old Ways Aren't Always the Best by Karen Colohan
Clark finds a way to help speed Lex's recovery after an accident. 

The Peace Within by Taltos
Plot? Uh, sex counts, right? 

Play Destiny by Fallen Icarus
"I’ve never been to my home planet… Krypton." 

Reach for the Stars by chibijed
Clark Kent had finally met his Prince Charming in Lex Luthor but sometimes fairytales do not end with a happily-ever-after. How will Lex fight for their happy ending? 

Secrets by Penemuel
When Lana's lips closed around his cock, all Clark could think of was the smooth, bald head of his best friend. 

Shattered Dreams by Henry Jones, Jr.   
Love doesn't always end in Happily Ever After. Sequel Snapshot Memories.

Traditions by AtieJen
How different do things have to be? 

Twin Bridges by Tigerlily
Clark is trying to come to terms with the choices he’d made. 

Ups and Downs by Kayla
Clark discovers flight. Lex discovers Clark. 

Watercolors by nortylaK
Lex thought he had seen & done everything until he saw Clark naked. 

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February 5th, 2019

10:15 am: A CLex Valentine

A Clex Valentine... (see also this post with titles that include the word "Heart")

Egg Series by Sharon Cross

1 Eggshells

2 Scrambled

3 Fried

4 Hard or Soft

Future by Magdalena

1 Past Present Future

2 The Future Starts Now

48 Seconds in the Mind of a Masturbating Teenage Boy by Midnight

A Casual Affair by Murf1307

A Law Divine by acampbell

A Smallville Valentine's Day by Betor

And Bid Them Dance by Kayladie

Back to the Barn by Tasabian

Be My Valentine by Lenore

Cancelled Session by Keikokin

Can't Stay Away by Me_ya_ri

Clark's Valentine by KatLeePT

Cookie Dough & Candy Hearts by Dayspring

Cordially Yours by danceswithgary

Cute - True Love Day One by Josephina_x

Façade by MicheConner

First Lost, Now Found by SC182

Five Reasons Lex Has to Hate Valentine’s Day and One Reason He Has to Celebrate It

by twinsarein

Happy Valentine's Day, Kent by Kiddiluna

Happy Valentine's Day, Superman by Dayspring

Hold Me by twinsarein

I Guess That's Why They Call Him 'Big Blue' by PepperjackCandy

I Never by Edie22

In Case You Were Wondering by RileyC

Kissable by twinsarein

Making The Most Of Your Quarter-Life Crisis by Azrielle

My Frayed Belated Valentine by Red Charade (traciller)

My Funny Valentine by Myownspecialself

My Funny Valentine by Serenity

My Luve Is by ximeria

No Ordinary Man by Keikokin

Of Love and Particle Accelerators by Lacey McBain

Rose Petals by Penemuel

Sap by hyperfocused

Simply Irresistible by dracoqueen22

Sonnet 130 by zahra

Superman's Valentines by KatleePT

The Red Box by Tallihensia

The Valentine's Day Wars (In 7 Takes) by josephina_x

To Thine Own Heart Be True by Shelly

True Love by Bev

Trust Issues by BlackFox12

Valentine Cable by twinsarein

Valentine’s Barn by tasabian

Valentine’s Day by Lenore

Valentine’s Day Chaos by OnyxKitten93

Valentine’s Woes by Tommygirl

Velvet by swtalmnd

When Clark Met Lex by Earthseed

When the Time Is Right by A Fallen Sister (Cleo)

Won't You be My Valentine by okdreaming

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January 30th, 2019

09:41 pm: College Days

College Days




Academe by Peach

1 Academe

2 Ivory Tower

3 The Day the World Turned Purple


Blue by Rhiannonhero

1 Blue Always Knew

2 Indigo Is His Own


College Clex by Arysteia

1 Met U Blues

2 Social History


College Clex by Betor

1 Everything

2 The Potion


College Clex by Svmadelyn

1 Adaptation

2 Regression


Consultant Verse by Triskellion


Disconnected and Blindsided by CJandre

1 Blindsided

2 Don't Even Think It


Ethics 101 by GothClark

Chapter One

Chapter Two


Figures by Cloudlb

1 Mind Map

2 Arrow

3 Square

4 Meander


Friends and Sweet Discoveries by Sabershadowkat, Titti

1 No Longer Friends

2 Growing Pains and Sweet Discoveries  


Homecoming by MlleElizabeth

1 Redemption

2 Reunion


Interstitial Universe by Punk


Life in Metropolis by Punk

1 Freshman Orientation

2 Domestic Relations


Omiai by Rose Emily (toomuchplor)

1 Omiai

2 The Sink That Ate Christmas


Princeton series by Hautecoffey

1 Freshman Haze

2 The Gathering


Promise by Ruby

1 Promise

2 Not Yet


Since Tuesday by Melisande

1 The Real Thing

2 Cognac and Lava Lamps

3 Lex 101

4 Meet the Parents


Summer Camp to Excelsior by Quiet Tiger

1 How to Make the Best of Summer Camp

2 And Freshman Year Too




A Diligent Student by Ellidyay

A Hero in the Making by Karen Colohan

A New Beginning by Ditzy

A Picture of Home by Wendi

Acquisition by chimosa

Alumni Weekend by sabershadowkat

Back to MetU by Onelittlesleep (Issuesgrrrl)

Bio-chemistry by Tabbyshhh

Blind by Tobyfan

Bonds by Tallihensia

Business Studies by wereleopard

Cheesecake or Death by shrift

Choices by Nicole DAnnais

Combustion by thedancingferret

Coming Into Us by from, fromward (from)

Control by mskatej

Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc by deliriumbubbles

Dancing at The Purple Parrot by laceymcbain

Dancing with Lex by Ninusharra

Destiny by Lachesis

Dorm Life by Peach

Dorms, Video Games and Unexpected Love by Raijahn

Drinking Games by Orithain, Rina9294

Eavesdropping by LadyRa

Everything by Sorrel

Fading from View by Icyfire

Failing Philosophy by Kitkat

Failing Truth by Lenore

Falling by Dogpoet

Feeble Excuses by Signe  

Firsts by Suzvoy

Four Quarters by Cloudlb

Golden by CJAndre, Noelle

Harveston Hall by Cloudlb

Helter Skelter by Digitalwave

How to Fuck Up College 101 by Lunarwolfik

Hyperextension by toomuchplor

Immortality by Grail

Inspiration For Dummies by Suzvoy

Karma Kills by Meghan

Language of Love by Dogpoet

Learning Experience by perryvic, Zaganthi (Caffiends)

Lessons from the Heart by Kendermouse

Life of Mediocrity by sabershadowkat

Love Makes by philtre

Love You More Than Lint by toomuchplor

M.U. by LadyFlowDi

Metropolis Streaks by quiet__tiger

MetU GLBT by Lenore

Missed You by edie22

Never Easy by Law

Opportunities by Layla

Passionate Productions by Lenore

Purple Hearts by Chibimom

Pushing by Dolimir

QED by Punk

Rainbow Sign by rivkat

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash by Tzigane and Zaganthi

Secrets, Lies, and Misunderstandings by Mahaliem

Seventh Inning Stretch by sori

Shadows and Skyscrapers by Angel and Rina

Sorority Boys? Onelittlesleep (Issuesgrrrl)

Spring Break by Caro (thestarsexist)

Staking Claim by Shellah (trinaest)

Stargazing 101 by Lenore

Study Break by Corinna

Taken by Lenore

Temptation by Steph

The Good Dad by Suzvoy

The Last Night on Earth by zahra

The Lionel in Winter by Ciel

The Milk and Cookies War by Punk

The Naming of Names by seperis

The Project by Zaeria Cheng

The Proposition by Emerlin

Then There Was Alex part 1, part 2 by Angelee

Tied to the Wrist by Thamiris

Time Enough by ElleEstTrois

Trigger by meryl lynn

Under the Metropolis Sun by Toeh (Stop1337)

Upon a Midnight Clear by sori

Visiting Love by Keikokin

When a Strawberry Is Pushed Into a Mountain by Thamiris

Whistle While You Work by pearl_o


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January 29th, 2019

10:09 pm: Baby on Board - Lex

Baby on Board - Lex




Anticipation by Mahaliem

1 Anticipation

2 Baby Love


Cold-Fail by We-bears-babygirl

1 Cold Truth

2 Fail-Safe


Core Universe by vinca531


Different Universes by wereleopard58


Grumpy Old Clex by Drakeofdross

1 Old as Dirt

2 Not Listening


Happy Family by LadyDreamer

1 Batfan

2 Daddy’s Mommy Day

3 Seahorsies (prequel)


Heartbeat – Top by EmelyGinger

1 Heartbeat Game

2 At the Top of Our World  


Heartland by averaird


My Two Daddies by Magdelena

1 My Other Daddy

2 The Presentation

3 Family Commitment by keikokin

…continued in Ella-Verse by HYPERFocused


Myst by Drakeofdross

1 Infinite Consequences

2 Paradigm Shift


Practical by LadyDreamer

1 Practical Lessons in Luthor Family Gift Giving

2 Practical Luthor Family Lessons to Getting through the Holidays


Reversal by Herohunter

1 Reversal

2 Legacy-Book II of Reversal


Saviour by wereleopard58


Shear Love by Hils, Lexalicious70





A Future For Us by Walkingxorgasm

Alien Biology 101 by Peach

Alien STD by Cosmic

Amends by LadyDreamer

As Life Should Be by twinsarein

Balm of Gilead by rose_etta

Better than Candy by LadyDreamer

Biological Destiny by wereleopard58

Bringing Up Baby by wereleopard58

Can’t Be by Lenore

Clexpunzel by PepperjackCandy

Fracture Line by xnitelite

Greetings From Femina by Herohunter

Kick by LadyDreamer

Kryptonian Mating by sabershadowkat

Movie Night by LadyDreamer

Must Be Dreaming by LadyDreamer

Never Let an Alien Probe You on the First Date by LadyDreamer

Pennyroyal Tea by Basingstoke

Quicksand by LadyDreamer, Herohunter

Small Favors by Ingridmatthews

Social Event of the Year by LadyDreamer

Survival of the Fittest by Mysticmcknight

The Gift by sexydarkangel

The Good Life by mskatej

The Test by Margeaux Van Gogh

The Voyeur by LadyDreamer

Three Ghosts by Nuala

Time and Chance by Dayspring

You Were on Sale by LadyDreamer




AlienClark by qwerty

Blowing Bubbles Kryptonian Adaptations by Tallihensia

I'm Carrying My Gay Alien Lover's Child by rose_emily

Leana by Marag

Oviparity by Melisande

Primary Directive by Mahaliem

Seahorses do it all the time by Shropshire

To Meddle in the Affairs of Aliens by LastScorpion


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