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March 19th, 2018

11:52 pm: Wave 1 (Second Batch)

FIRST WAVE (Second batch)


  1. Picture Perfect by Jade
    R, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    What if a talent scout for a modeling agency is driving through Smallville (on his way to God knows where) and spots Clark? What if he offers him a contract that would solve the family financial problems? What if Jonathan went ballistic at the lifestyle he thought the job would entail. What if Lex talked his way into the first photo shoot? And a nervous wooden Clark who was useless in front of the camera was suddenly beauty and seduction personified? (Boji)
  2. Betrayed by Cassiopeia
    R, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge:
    Lex finds out Clark's secrets. (kira-nerys)
  3. House of the Rising Sun by MidKnight
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the Challenge: 
    AU-scenario. Clark's a rent boy and Lex is on the prowl. (MidKnight)
  4. Empathy by Hergerbabe
    R, Clark/Lex, mentions of non-consensual and rape scenarios
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lex is actually gay/bi, but was raped just before he ended up in Smallville, and has trouble with the guy-sex thing. Clark knows how to help, of course. (kira-nerys)
  5. The Highest Bidder by Lady Angel
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge:
    Clark's high school has a charity auction and Clark's one of the items for sale. Lex buys him for a ridiculous amount of money. (kira-nerys)
  6. The Stalker by MidKnight    
    PG, Lex/ (Clark) vignette
    Answers the challenge: 
    There's a new stalker in town. only they're not fixated on Lex or Lana, rather on Clark. What happens? (Lady Angel)
  7. Inconspicuous 1
  8. Inconspicuous 2 by Treacy Purple Sage
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    There's a new stalker in town, only they're not fixated on Lex or Lana, rather on Clark. What happens? (Lady Angel)
  9. ALexander the Great, by Marag and Terpsichore
    NC17, Lex/Clark
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark stumbles across gay fiction on the 'net. The author calls himself 'Alexander the Great'. Something more than the name makes Clark suspect that the author is Lex. (kira-nerys)
  10. Make Me, Break Me, by Phoenix9873
    PG, Lex/Clark
    Answers the challenge: 
    That first Kiss(Jezebel)
  11. Krypton's Last Son by Jezebel the Temptress
    NC17, Lex/Clark
    Answers the Challenge
    An AU: Krypton blew up, but a small group of people managed to escape. They come to Earth, searching for the "last NOBLE son of Krypton". In other words, Clark's their king. (Lady Angel)
  12. Movie Night by Dark Lady
    PG13, Clark/Lex. Slight future fic. 
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark finds Lex crying/laughing/hysterical (kira-nerys)
    Note from author: Doesn't fit the challenge very well, but it's a story.
  13. All Because of a Tunnel by The Nights Temptress
    R, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark and Lex go to an amusement park together and one of the boys suggests the love-boat/tunnel in jest. The other accepts it.
  14. Delayed Reactions by Sleeps With Coyotes
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark and Lex finally tell each other how they feel, but the first time they act upon their feelings, they're interrupted (just like Clark on the show gets interrupted all the time with Lana and Chloe). The second time is the same and the third and so on and so on. Lex gets impatient. What does he do to keep Clark in his bed? (kira-nerys) 
  15. With A Little Help From My Friends by MeLi
    PG, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Chloe and Lana are good friends in this scenario. They notice the vibes between Clark and Lex and decide to get them together. (Wicked Belle)
  16. Floating by Sleeps With Coyotes
    PG, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    What if Lex had pulled Clark down for a kiss after being resurrected in Smallville? Blame it on oxygen deprivation? (kira-nerys) 
  17. Improvisation by Titti
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    An all dialogue NC17 sex scene. (kira-nerys)
  18. Like Father, Like Son by Jezebel the Temptress
    PG, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge. 
    Clark's and Lex's first kiss, and only a kiss. (Jezebel)
  19. Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Plaid Skirts by Henry Jones Jr
    R+, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Take one Lex Luthor. Add drag. Add freezer pops. Add one
    Clark Kent. "Shaken, not stirred." (Kitura)
  20. When Your Words Don't Question Your Brain Before Coming Out of Your Mouth - Or How the Boys Got to Have Some Fun by MeLi
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers no challenge.
    A present for the authors participating in the ClexFest
  21. Three Day Weekend by La Chatte Noire
    R-NC17, Character Death, Incest. Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark goes against everything that he has ever been taught by his parents and kills someone to protect the man he loves. How does Lex react and what are the consequences of Clark's actions on the rest of his life. (Jezebel)
  22. Sense Memories by Alax
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lex's metabolism is changed by the meteors. 
  23. Half of the Flesh and Blood by Lady Angel
    R for violence and naughty words, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark finds out that the reason Jonathan hates Lionel so much is that they had a relationship, and Jon goes ballistic when he finds out that Clark is in love with Lex. (kira-nerys)
  24. Beginnings by ShadowSwan
    R/NC17 Clark/Chloe, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    What if Lex accidentally (and I do mean that) stumbles on Clark and Chloe making out at a/the lake/pond and overhears a conversation about the fact that Clark is evidently not as into it as Chloe is. What if a swim drenched Clark stumbles off home only to stumble into Lex? (Boji) (Incorporates a couple of more challenges)
  25. Some Other Beginning by Alee
    PG, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    What if it was *Lionel * that died when Lex was 12/13? What would a Lex that was raised by Lillian (and Pamela too, probably) be like? Would he still meet Clark the same way? And how would he be changed? (Vanessa) 
  26. Gone Swimming by AnaRae
    R, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    When Lex was a kid, he nearly drowned. Since then he hasn't learned to swim. Clark finds out and insists he learn how.
  27. Tomorrow and Tomorrow by TaleWeaver
    PG, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Write the final scene of the final episode of Smallville, in your perfect world. (TaleWeaver)
  28. Gifts by Fajrdraco
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    What if Martha Kent is an Andrew Lloyd Webber fan and Clark has grown up listening to Phantom of the Opera, but has never seen it. Lex ends up with two tickets to the show in Metropolis. Fun ensues. (MidKnight)
  29. Don't Ask, Don't Tell by Sleeps With Coyotes
    PG, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Write a story about Clark and Lex through the eyes of someone else. Your choice who this someone is. (kira-nerys)
  30. Totally Organic by Rana Eros & Sleeps With Coyotes
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lionel blackmails Smallville into selling him a virgin. Lex reacts. (Marag)
  31. Memory by Lillian
    R, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lex or Clark gets a crack on the head and wakes up thinking that Clark and Lex are lovers. (Jezebel)
  32. Cow Love by Lady FlowDi
    R, Clark/Lex,
    Answers the challenge: 
    Contrary to popular belief, Lex is actually a virgin when it comes to other males. Clark is the first to cause him to want to explore the HoYay. (Henry Jones Jr)
  33. The Yoko Factor by Sleeps With Coyotes
    PG, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Write a fic with the title of a Buffy episode - try to be unique, and not limit yourself to easy ones like 'The Body' and 'The Gift'. Try a little harder, like 'Inca Mummy Girl', or 'The Zeppo'. (Beloved Plank) 
  34. Cruiser by MlleElizabeth
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    AU-scenario. Clark's a rent boy and Lex is on the prowl. (MIdKnight)
  35. Marked by hergerbabe
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark gets a tattoo that has something to do with Lex. It can't be Lex's name or a Luthorcorp logo or anything like that. How does he manage to get a tattoo? (Cassiopeia)
  36. Men in Spades by Ryu I
    R Clark/Lex, X-over Men in Black
    Answers the challenge: 
    Men In Black in Smallville specifically to register/find Clark. Bonus if the neuralyzer doesn't work on Lex for meteor reasons. (Henry Jones Jr)
  37. Second Chance by Quin Rhodes
    PG, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    In the future, Clark realizes that if he had told Lex how much he loved/wanted him, the future would not have turned out like Cassandra saw it. He finds a way to go back in time. (Scarlet)
  38. Violet Kryptonite by Walter Watcher
    NC17, Clark/Lex/Lex 
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lex comes across some Violet Kryptonite. Suddenly there are two of him. Clark catches them in 69. (Amy)
  39. Claiming Territory by Karen Colohan
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers no challenge. 
  40. A Mother Always Knows by Karen Colohan
    PG, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Write a story about Clark and Lex through the eyes of someone else. Your choice who this someone is. 
  41. Invisible Fantasies by Penemuel
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    After Shimmer, Lex finds an amount of the substance that made Jeff invisible. What does he use it for? (kira-nerys)
  42. Self Sacrifice by HYPERFocused
    PG13, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lex told us he would do anything to protect his friends but what lengths would he go to in order to protect Clark? (Jezebel the Temptress)
  43. Storms in Time by Ambiguous719
    PG, Clark/Lex,
    Warning: character deaths!
    Answers the challenge: 
    What does Lex choose to do to/about Lionel at the end of Tempest? What are the consequences? (kira-nerys)
  44. Talking Dirty by Penemuel
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    An all dialogue NC17 scene (kira-nerys)
  45. Look What I Found by Kerri
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lex finds Clark's diary at the loft (kira-nerys)
  46. If At First You Don't Succeed by Mdl
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Remember that truck from the pilot? I suggest somehow, you get Lex and Clark into the back of it to lose Clark's virginity. (Creed Cascade)
  47. Please by Jade
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Write a story where Clark uses sexual favors to get something he wants from
    Lex. What he wants and how he gets it is up to you... (Jezebel the Temptress)
  48. Snapshot by soo
    R, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Answers the picture challenge of Clark and the red tractor :) Look here: 
  49. The Red Pill by soo
    R, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark walks in on Lex while he's taking care of business so to speak. (Kira-nerys)
  50. That Good Night by Rana Eros
    PG-13, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark and Lex have had a good life together, but Lex is old, and Clark knows he'll be alone soon. (kira-nerys) 
  51. Art for Loves Sake by Boji
    R-NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lex paints, is very good at it as everything else he puts a mind to do, and he wants Clark to pose for him - in the nude. (kira-nerys)
  52. The Picasso Summer by Treacy PurpleSage
    PG, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark and Lex' first kiss - and only a kiss (Jezebel)
  53. Bargain by Sleeps With Coyotes
    PG, Clark/Lex, Lex/Krycek, X-over, X-Files
    Answers the challenge: 
    Nixon follows through with his threat to expose Clark with his "auction." (Henry Jones Jr.) '
  54. Coming Home by Morgan
    PG, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark and Lex are caught having sex. Lex is put on trial for statutory rape. (Kira-nerys)
  55. Friends? Again? by Jadedlady
    PG-R, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Futurefic, Lex has an accident and loses parts of his memory. he thinks he and Clark are still best friends... (Hergerbabe)


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01:17 am: President Lex

President Lex


A Young Kryptonian's Travels by roxymissrose   
Summary: A naive heir to the throne is on a Grand Tour of the universe. He makes quite an impression on everyone he meets, especially a certain human. The universe will never be the same. 

Alien by LaCasta  
Summary: What's left of Clark is found after years of abuse.

Ancient Legacies Series by moiraithanatoio 
Summary: President Luthor didn't appear very surprised when General O'Neill briefed him on the Stargate program.

Arcadia by valentine 
Summary: (Futurefic) "I was looking for you." Lex's smile fades in the bright sun. "In fact, I've been looking for you for three years."

At The Stars by jazriot  
Summary: Clark and Lex start believing in freewill.

Babies are miracles by Belladonna (Bella Michaels)
Summary: Smallville future/Batman crossover-Batman is cleaning up after Lionel Luthor, and discovers something that will change Superman and Lex Luthor's life forever

Bodyguard by hergerbabe 
Summary: The President's bodyguard is a mystery.

Date With The President by Henry Jones Jr. aka sabershadowkat NC-17 (20051)
Clark popped up his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose in mortification. He was on the telephone with the President of the United States and acting like an utter boob. "M-Mr. President, my apologies for being so informal--" 

"Clark," Lex cut him off, "it's 'Lex' calling, not the President." 

Dear Mr. President by sussixer 
Summary: Lex's world changes dramatically without his permission. 

Deceit by Aklani aka teresakay 
Summary: What happens between Clark and Lex to make Lex want to destroy Superman. Warning: Character Death

Deuxieme Chance by peach1250 
Summary: It's time for a second chance.

Doomsday by suzvoy 
Summary: He doesn't get to grieve. Warning: Character Death

Every Time by romanyg 
Summary: It's worth it every time.

Finding the Middle Ground (The Presidential Pardon Remix) by danceswithgary 
Summary: "What I don't understand is why we gave up so easily on both of those things - the sex and the compromises - and I wish to hell that we hadn't."

Fire and Ice by Euphony  
Summary: Some say the world will end in fire. Some say in ice. For Lex it ends with both. It ends with Clark. Warning: Character Death

First Daughter  by Eria
Summary: Hazards of being a President aside, Lex Luthor discovers that he has a daughter, who has been raised by the Kents. Catch is, he doesn't know who the mother is. (unfinished but substantial and somewhat resolved)

Free Blowjobs From Superman by kantayra_fic 
Summary: There were probably other reasons why Lex ran for President. Give him a few minutes and he'd think of one.

Beatles 'Verse by danceswithgary 
Summary: Once there was a way to get back home. 

Hail to the Chief by scribblinlenore 
Summary: Saving President Luthor is a full-time job.

Happy Accidents on the Campaign Trail by Red Charade (traciller)

Summary: Lex is running for president and a campaign aide thinks it would be a wonderful idea if the cameras caught him giving his son a kiss. Things don't go quite as planned, but Lex wouldn't have had it any other way.

He Left At Dawn by in_the_bottle 
Summary: The president addresses a grieving nation. Warning: Character Death

International Diplomacy by dolimir_k 
Summary: There's more than one way to keep the peace.

Laid Before by Beth  
Summary: Victory is sweet.

Lex Luthor - President by Magdelena
Summary: Lex finally makes his bid for the presidency, but not quite like he had originally imagined. Written in the same universe as "
A Dose of Kent" - four years later.

Little Red Riding Hood by mahaliem 
Once upon a time, on a planet called Earth, lived an alien, the prettiest alien who ever was seen. 

Love and Glory series by elrond50
Summary: Crossover with Batman, X-men and some other movie-and-comic-universe. Complete AU featuring a committed relationship between Whitney, Clark and Lex. They have 4 sons with their genetic make-up, but it’s not really an mpreg fic, as the AI takes over the whole pregnancy thing. 

Make This (White) House a Home by sue_dreams (raegan_1)
Summary: Every American should visit the White House at some point. Learn the history. Maybe meet the President, who will turn around and say, "Conner, I am your father” a la Vader (Conner has hopes and dreams, okay?)

Manipulating Fate by Magdelena
Summary: Batman discovers that the only way to prevent President Luthor from making the first strike in a nuclear conflict is to manipulate a particular relationship in Lex's past. AKA. Bruce has a plan. Lex needs a Superman.

Memories by ximeria  
Summary: Two of the world's most powerful men are reunited on a day in the future.

Merry Christmas, Mr. President  by MadByrd
Summary: I've been informed there is a word of dialogue that Lex simply would not use, see if you can spot it. My excuse? He's been watching old movies and is way over the legal eggnog limit. <bg> Oh, and this snippet was written for the Slash Advent Calendar Challenge

No Day So Wrong by Dayspring
Summary: Clark stared blindly at the grave.

Paradise by penemuel  
If President Luthor was going to go somewhere without his security detail, he was going to, all common sense and protocol be damned.

Pardon Me? by HYPERFocused
Summary: Drabble. Wed100, Crack, Thanksgiving, President Lex

Past Future Echoes by josephina_x
Summary: Some magicians think it's funny to take things way too literally. We won't name names.

Photographic Evidence by Soraya R  
Summary: President Lex Luthor gets caught having an extramarital affair. 

Play Forgiveness by museaway

Summary: The call comes in when Clark is drunk on sleep and his face is buried deep in the pillow. "The President requires your assistance."

Predictions by misstressace 
Summary: An alien invasion breaks down the barriers between Clark and Lex.

Protocol 73 aka Rescuing Christmas by danceswithgary
Summary: The attacking aliens had not returned, but neither had Superman.

Red Is a Primary Color by ingridmatthews
Summary: A day in the life of the Vice President.

Revenge by astolat 
Summary: The Joker's latest attempt backfired spectacularly, in living color, on all channels. Ratings will never be that high again.

Sacrifices of a Hero by philtre  
Summary: A day in the life of

Save Me (a.k.a. Curses, Foiled Again!) by josephina_x

Summary: Aw, it’s ok, Clark – Lex will be happy to save you! *evil laughter*

Scrutiny and Speculation: The Media Series by Azure_K_Mello
Summary: This is a series of seven stories. They are interconnected to one another. They span 33 years, from Smallville onwards. Clark tells Lex the truth and everything changes. With the scope we see Bruce Wayne and the Justice League. It all comes together in different ways so after Lineage nothing is canon.

Shards by digitalwave 
Summary: Future fic detailing one of the reasons for the enmity between Superman and President Lex Luthor.

Somewhere I Never Traveled Series by seperis 
Summary: Choosing to give up your powers doesn't stop you from being a hero.

Straw by issaro 
Summary: There are some things that can never be forgiven.

The Day I Woke Up Dead by Cloudlb
Summary: My subconscious surprised me with this angsty drabble. Death fic (sort of) with a happy ending. As angst as I get.

The Effects of Kryptonian Pheromones on Human Psychology: A Case Study by Nicnac
Summary: In retrospect, the hand shake hadn't been the best idea...

The Field Where I Died by Beth R  
Summary: For love, no price was too high. Lex had never doubted that. Warning: Character Death

The Funeral Party by goth_clark 
Summary: Who says the person whom you entrust your secrets to will use them wisely?

The Lex Protector by suzvoy 
And saw Superman emerging from the bathroom. Wet. Wearing just a towel. That had apparently only ever been intended for drying off a very small, very bald mouse. 

The Lexian President by Hecubus   

Warning: character death in Part 2
Summary: A retelling of the movie "The American President."

The Presence of Fire by rivkat 
Summary: The perils of wanting to believe. Or, the war Lex lost, the war he won, and the war he didn't know he was fighting.

Through The Looking Glass by Meridian (Meri)
Summary: Clark has to fix the past.

Useful Arts by rivkat  
Summary: Superman has a personal problem. Lex devises a solution and sets off a chain of events that will change the world.

Yellow by rivkat 
"A Kryptonian, huh? I knew this 'I'm the only one, I'm the only one' thing was just an attention-getter.” 




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March 12th, 2018

10:06 am: CLFF - Wave 1 (First Batch)


Posted on August 16, 2002


  1. Dirty Old Men by Henry Jones Jr
    R, future-fic, Clark/Lex, established relationship
    Answers the challenge: 
    "Luthor's don't take it up the ass, Clark", Lex snarled. (kira-nerys)
  2. The Price of Forgiveness by TJ
    NC17. Clark/Lex. 
    Answers no challenge
    Summary: Lex finds out that Clark's been lying to him all along. (could fit the challenge where Lex finds out Clark's secrets issued by: kira-nerys)
  3. Breaking a Fever by MidKnight
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    What if it had been Lex insted of Lana in Nicodemus? (kira-nerys)
  4. Tee for Two by Christine
    PG, Clark/Lex, humor
    Answers the challenge:
    Martha organizes a charity golf match, she talks Lex into sponsorship. Lex agrees with the stipulation that Clark acts as his caddy. Naturally, CLex has to *practice* their putting on the greens before the big match. Lex hits a hole-in-one, etc. (C.Roxane)
  5. Catharsis by C.Roxane
    NC17, Clark/Lex, first time
    Answers the challenge: 
    Withheld on author's request. See end of story. (Challenge issued by Lady Angel)
  6. Watching by Christine
    NC17 Clark/Lex.
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark and Lex have sex in public. Where-and do they get away with it? (kira-nerys)
  7. Hungry Eyes by kira-nerys
    NC17, Clark/Lex, First time
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark makes the first move. Lex is reluctant but Clark manages to convince him that a relationship between them is a good idea (kira-nerys)
  8. Learning the Ropes by Creed Cascade and TJ
    NC17, Clark/Lex, BDSM
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lex flashes Clark that casual, sexy, dismissive smirk once too often and learns that "Virgin" does not mean "Submissive". (Marag)
  9. Addict by Ryu I
    NC17, Clark/Lex, Dark Lex
    Challenge replied to: 
    Lex removes Lana from the equation. (kira-nerys)
  10. Somebody Love Me by kira-nerys
    R, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge:
    After Jitters, when Clark sees Lex and Lionel "hug" and notices Lex look at him, he gets on the clue-bus. (kira-nerys)
  11. Real by Karen Colohan
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark and Lex watch TV, and talk about sexy people, and Lex makes an offhand remark about finding some guy very sexy.(kira-nerys)
  12. Home For Christmas by Titti
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    A Luthor/Kent Very Special Christmas - extended family. Established relationship. (Henry Jones Jr)
  13. A Different Point of View by Ximeria
    PG13. Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Alright, we've all read stories were Jonathan finds out about Clark and Lex and gets pissy, but what if Jonathan actually *liked* the idea? (Christine)
  14. Let's Talk About Sex, With Lex by kira-nerys
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    An all dialogue NC17 sex scene. (kira-nerys)
  15. 1-900 FARMBOY by Jezebel, the Temptress
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge:
    Lex is home alone and decides to call a 1-900 number. Much to his surprise, Clark answers. (Christine)
  16. Under Canvas by Karen Colohan
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark and Lex have sex in public. Where and do they get away with it? (kira-nerys)
  17. Shackles and Chains by Christine
    NC17, Clark/Lex, bondage
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lex owns a castle right? What castle isn't complete without a dungeon. Find it, use it, abuse it and have fun.(Creed Cascade)
  18. Wants and Needs by Icarus
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lex is home alone and decides to call a 1-900 number. Much to his surprise, Clark answers. (Christine)
  19. Bound by Lillian
    NC17, Clark/Lex, kink.
    Answers the challenge: 
    Remember the bat impression and straight jacket from "Zero". Lex *liked* that. (Creed Cascade)
  20. Mile High by Marag
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lex and Clark have sex in the air, and no, I'm not talking about an airplane (kira-nerys) 
  21. Forever by MeLi
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lex teaches Clark to drive in one of his cool cars. (Kira-nerys)
  22. Sleeper by Marag Terpsichore
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge
    Lana corners Clark (sexually) and Clark runs like the wind ... straight to Lex (kira-nerys stole/adapted Creed's challenge :) )
  23. Patterns by Lillian
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Lex and Clark have been married for a long time. They have settled into routines. But what kind of routines? They have also gotten themselves a pet. What kind? Incorporate said pet into your story. (kira-nerys) 
  24. Tied in Knots by TJ and Creed Cascade
    NC17, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    Clark is involved in a school project, where he has to be literally tied with a rope around the ankle to another person for a week during Spring Break. Lex is his partner. (Henry Jones Jr)
  25. Truth or Dare by Ximeria
    R, Clark/Lex
    Answers the challenge: 
    What if *Clark* were to strip for *Lex*? (kira-nerys)


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March 9th, 2018

01:11 am: Jailbird

(AO3) locked

by girlinthetrilby
Summary: No one is innocent.

Clark Kent: Jailbird
by Trista_zevkia
Summary: Someone is released from jail, ready for their conjugal visit. (Clark/Bruce)

Collaring All That Rebel Blood

by linaerys
Summary: Nathan and Lex are locked up together. (Heroes x-over)

Counting the Days

by tasabian
Summary: Lex is sent to prison under false charges; Clark goes in undercover to
investigate and is assigned to be Lex's cellmate.

Do Not Pass Go
By Hope
Summary: Incarceration is more fun with a friend. For Goss & Slodwick, who needed Jailsmut.


by in_the_bottle (genie)
Summary: He is the flame to my moth.


by nic
Summary: There's a reason for the word "jailbait".


by Aelita
Summary: Please, Mr. Jailor, won't you let my man go free - the only crime he's guilty of is simply loving me.

Prison Sex

by La Chatte Noire
Summary: I needed a prison fic so I wrote it. Here it is.

The Survival Game

by Lenore
Summary: In prison, Lionel's past is his best advantage.

Through thick and thin

by GothClark
Summary: Lex sees an opportunity and takes it.


by TheTenthMuse1
Summary: Clark goes undercover in prison to keep Lex safe.

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March 8th, 2018

06:12 pm: Going, Going, Gone!
Auction of Love 
by Mindige0
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Where an auction can turn your life upside down, but in a good way, very good way.

The Best Laid Plans
by Zaeria Cheng
Summary: Three personalities. Two parties. One person. Something’s gotta give…
Rating: PG-13, primarily for language…

Building the Future
by LadyRa
Summary: Lex's father dies, sending him to Metropolis; Clark gets kidnapped; Tony is fed up, quits NCIS, and decides to go visit his cousin, Martha, in Smallville; and Gibbs wonders what the hell happened to his life.

Buying Clark
by The agora
Summary:  An auction for charity held in the Kent's barn, Lex is bidding for Clark against cheerleaders who pooled their money.

Car Wash
Summary: Clark glares at him on his way to the hose, and Lex peers over his sunglasses at him. “It’s for charity, Clark,” he scolds lightly with a faint smirk.

Clark For Sale
by Lenore
Summary: For the LJ Icon Challenge

Far from Atlantis   Alt.Link
by Hope 
Summary: High society trick or treating. Mostly tricking.  

Favoring Fire
by Beth and Nomi
Summary: Can America help Lex find the perfect mate?
*Note:  Overall R rating, 6 parts

Fund Raiser
by edie22
Summary: The Sophomore class has a fund raiser. Lex needs a few cars washed.Get Away

by tallihensia
Summary: After another adventure gone wrong, Lex decides the best thing he can do for Clark is to leave Clark. Clark, naturally, objects to this.

Grundy County Auction 
by kelex
Summary: Smallville's most eligible bachelor participates in the bachelor auction.

The Highest Bidder (20 K) Alt.Link
Summary: Lex will always do whatever it takes to get his man. (For the Clexfest challenge: Clark's high school has a charity auction and Clark's one of the items for sale. Lex buys him for a ridiculous amount of money.)

Inaureme (24 K) Alt.Link
by Lenore
Summary: Kryptonian customs can be strange and harsh.

Summary: So anyway...over on the ClarkLex list, Lillian posts the following:

Say Lex gets put up in a bachelor auction to help fund some kind of program in the Smallville High School. Wouldn't it be fun to see Clark for instance really, really jealous with all those giggling High School girls trying to outbid each other and Clark finally gets the balls (pardon the language) to outbid everyone for a "date" with Lex? Could be a very fun PWP. Any writers out there willing to take it on? Pretty please?

Far be it from me to pass up an opportunity to do some funny cliché fic. Not that it would get posted or anything, but it's fun to play with, so what's the harm?

Sold, Too
Summary: This one is for all of the beloved little freaks out there who begged for more Sold!--y'all made me feel pretty.

As for Jonathan's reaction, Lex's take on things, etc...maybe in a later ficlet. For now, the important thing is the date, right? *g*

And yes, I'm absurdly pleased with the title. Heh.

swtalmnd (Amy)
Summary: Clark escorts Lex to a charity function.
One of the very rare fics, where Lex in drags works perfectly for me :)


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March 5th, 2018

11:34 pm: 5 Things, More or Less
5 Things, More or Less


The Five Things That Never Happened to Lex Luthor by Beth (GirlintheTrilby)

The First of Five Things That Never Happened by Beth

The Second of Five Things that Never Happened: Chaotic by Beth

The Third of Five Things that Never Happened: Evolutionary Trespass by Beth

The Fourth of Five Things that Never Happened: Of the Fittest by Beth

The Fifth thing that never happened to Lex Luthor: Lost. by Beth


*Five Things That Aren't True.* by Basingstoke The Fic that started it all!

5 People Sam Winchester Should Have Dated by vinniebatman

5 Things and More 5 Things by 3jane

5 Times Clark Luthor Was Gentle with Lex Luthor and 1 Time He Wasn’t by WyrmLivvy

Coffee Scented Kisses or Five times it was pure coffee and one time it was pure love by the_charm_caster

Death Becomes Him Or the five times Clark met Death and one time Death met him by owls_and_horses

Family Business - Five Things that Never Happened to Dick Grayson by Cereta (Lucy Gillam)

Five (more) Ways Clark Kent is a Kinky Boy by all_you_wanted

Five Crazy Days of Magic & Mayhem by Mobiusklein

Five Embarrassing Dreams Clark Has Had (involving him and-or various people in his life) by all_you_wanted

Five Firsts that changed Clark's life forever by Ximeria

Five Headlines By Chloe Sullivan (any fandom) by all_you_wanted

Five Imaginary Incidents from Lives of Unimportant People by Pearl-o

Five Lies Your Mother Never Told You by Caro

Five Moments Between Chloe Sullivan and Shelby Kent (the Kent's dog) by all_you_wanted

Five Moments Martha Kent Thinks Back On The Most by all_you_wanted

Five Reasons Lex Luthor Became a Criminal by Bagheera

Five Reasons Why Lex Luthor Lost His (Damn) Pants by all_you_wanted

Five Things Clark Wishes He Could Take Back by all_you_wanted

Five Things Lex Is Absolutely Certain About But Wishes He Wasn't by annakas

Five Things Lex Luthor Would - Wouldn't Take Back by all_you_wanted

Five Things Lex Misses about Clark since The Break Up (Clex Version) by all_you_wanted

Five Things That Already Happened In Other Fic by Teland

Five Things That Lana Would Never Do For Clark (Clois version) by all_you_wanted

Five Things That Made Clark a Better Sex Partner than Lana (Lex's point of view) by all_you_wanted

Five Things That Never Happened to Lex Luthor by Rivkat

Five Times Batman Got It Wrong (DCU) by irrelevant

Five Times Chloe & Xander Realized They Were Smarter Than The Hero.  SV/BtVS by all_you_wanted

Five Times Clark Has Spied On Chloe And Not Got Caught by all_you_wanted

Five Times Lex Fell In Love with Kal-El and One Time He Told Him by meyari

Five Times Martha Kent Regretted Taking Clark In by all_you_wanted

Five Very Good Reasons Not to Date Luthors by seperis

Five Ways Clark Kent Didn't Get Laid by celli

Five Ways Clark Surprised Lex by lenore

Five Ways that Clark Would Change Things at LexCorp and Still Run a Successful Company by Lenore

Four Things That Canon Will Not Abide by mobiusklein

Four Things that Would Make the Original Creators Spin in Their Graves by mobiusklein

Four times Chloe Almost Gave Away Clark's Secret While Drunk, (and one time sober)  by all_you_wanted

Four Times Oliver Queen Thought He Might Have Chosen The Wrong Cousin (and the one time he knew he hadn't) by all_you_wanted

Four Ways Dean Charmed His Way into Chloe's Heart (and the one way he didn't)  SV/SPN by all_you_wanted

My Beautiful Friend or Five Things that Never Happened to Adam Knight by zahra

The Five Times Clark Has Thought About Chloe In A Dirty Way by all_you_wanted

The More Things Change (Five things that never happened to Kal-El.) by Nifra Idril

Three Alternative Futures that Will Never Happen by mobiusklein

Three Fairy Tales of Smallville by Koi

Three Impossible Things by seperis

Three Semi-Nightmarish Things by mobiusklein

Three Things Clark Will Never Tell Anyone by Romany

Three Things That Just Won't Happen by mobiusklein

Three Wishes Clark Would Take Back by Psychi

When Doubt Turns a Page – Five Ways Oliver Queen Returns by Medie

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September 8th, 2016

02:13 am: You’ve Got Mail!
IM,  Chat,  Email, Snail Mail, Correspondence etc.

Alexander the Great
by Marag and Terpsichore
Summary: When googling information on Alexander the Great for a school report, Clark inadvertently comes across Lex’s livejournal account.

Beloved Enemy
By AtieJen
Summary: Futurefic.  Lex receives a different kind of Dear John Letter.

CK333: Come Chat with Me
by Mereridkat morudai
Summary: Clark chatting on-line with family… and a friend

by pearl_o
Summary: Clark's pen pal skills need sharpening.

The Cultivation of Clark Kent
By Mlleelizabeth
Summary: Clark's last summer vacation before college brings some changes.

ICQ Chat & Confessions
by Annita & MeLi
Summary: Title pretty self-explanatory.
AN: Late one night, we decided to have a little fun... and this came out.

IM Conversation
by mixtapestar
Summary: An IM conversation between Clark and Lex.

Instant Mess
by kryptokitten
Summary: The 21st century’s answer to phone sex – Instant Messenger.

The Language of Techno-Love Alt.Link
by kHo       kho  
Summary: Text messaging, and a little Chloe thrown in on the side

A Letter To My Love
by supergrover24
Summary: A/N: missu requested Historical Clex for the writerly icon myashke made for me. I should note that I have no sense for history. Really. None. With that in mind, I decided that Lex would be writing Clark a letter in some indeterminate Victorian era. Likely set in Europe somewhere Lords and Ladies exist. And stableboys. 234 words, because the concept of 100 is lost on me.

The Letter
by gothgirl
Summary: It was time.

Letters to a Dear Stranger
by wanderlustlover
Summary: A correspondence between Chloe and Clark once high school is over.

My Future
by morganichele
Summary: Clark and Lex miss each other and correspond through letters. Then, of course, there's a reunion.

Passage Letters
by FlowDi
Summary:  Love letters always make graduation much happier :)

Return to Sender
by morganichele
Summary: This is absurdity. Clark decides to get his feeling out by writing them down. Lex, of course, finds out.

Survey Says - Clark  
Summary:  Chloe sends e-mail created surveys to try and get Clark and Lex together.
Survey Says - Lex   8/9 
Summary:  Chloe sends around her e-mail created surveys to help get Clark and Lex together.
Survey Says - Hello
Summary:  Clark takes yet another one of Chloe's e-mail surveys.
by D-boy

To All The Aliens I've Loved Before
by zahra hackthis
Summary:  A form letter should never be complicated

We Ought Not Die
by Emrinalexander and kyanoswolf
Summary:  Clark and Lex begin a correspondence to explain themselves to each other.

Wrting Challenge
by kyanoswolf
Summary:  Two Pairs of Wednesday100s based on letters or writing

What You Don’t Know
by RavenWolf
SummaryChallenge: Lex and Clark meet in a chat room, a gay chat room. Bonus points for cybersex.(Jezebel the Temptress)
A/N: No cybersex, sorry. But there is some nice regular sex.

With This Letter, I Dissolve
by Lexalot lexalot
Summary: Forgivable is not in the Luthor Lexicon.

Writers Block
by Kristina Andersson
Summary:  Clark has writers block and writes Lex a letter. Pure sap.

You’ve Got Mail
by   danceswithgary
Summary:  Sometimes you have to take a chance on real life.

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August 18th, 2016

02:11 pm: Rainy Days
Rainy Days

All of Him
by ingrid   
Rating: PG13
Summary: Hidden away on a rainy day.

And the Rain Washed the Spider Out
by bipolypesca   bipolypesca
Rating: PG13
Summary:  Clark is probably the only one who doesn't see the oddity.

by lifeinwords
Rating:  Mature
Summary:  The flame in the fire, hanging like rain on the brink of desire.

by Cleo
Rating: NC17
Summary: Clark needs to get away from it all, so Lex takes him on a vacation in the rain forest. (Just a short little cuddle-porn story.)

by Stone Princess
Rating: NC17
Summary: Clark, Lex, a convertible and summer rainstorm.

The Day It Rained Forever
by Keelywolfe  
Rating: NC17
Summary: Set two years into the future, at a funeral where even the weather has a say in things.

Flying Lessons Clark/Chloe
by paperbkryter   paperbkryter
Rating: R
Summary: Chloe learns Clark's secret, and devises a plan to help relieve a severe drought by teaching him to fly. Clark then returns the favor by teaching Chloe how to fly.

Funeral Tea
by Janet F. Caires-Lesgold
Rating: NC17
Summary: Clark comes in from the rain

I'll Take the Rain
by   fromward
Rating:  NC17
Summary:  There’s too much here, Clark tells himself. Sex is the simplest they’re ever going to get... or... the (med student verse) futurefic in which clark and lex have sex some time after lex's return to metropolis

Laughter of Ghosts
by   museaway
Rating:  Mature
Summary:  Exorcising demons. My personal favorite of my Smallville pieces. (Lex-centric, second person POV, mildly AU, third season, no specific episode ties.)
Notes: Quotations taken from Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Prince," originally published in 1513.

Noli Me Tangere (Don't Touch Me)
Author: jenn
Rating: PG13
Summary: Clark ruminates on the nature of things. Lex loses a little
control. Rain's involved.

Nothing But The Rain Lex, Cassandra
Author: Medie  
Rating: PG
Summary: Humanity isn't a weakness.

Not Necessarily Happily Ever After Chloe/Lex
by DebC   debc
Rating: R
Summary: A rain storm brings two ex-lovers back together for one night

by   annie17851
Rating:  NC17
Summary:  After the events of Insurgence, Lex has issues.

Of Blood and Bad Craziness (12 K)
by zahra  
Rating: PG
Summary: 'It rained a lot in the autumn in Kansas; he had forgotten that.
He seemed to forget that every year.'
*Written for the Neil Gaiman Title Challenge*

by JainieG
Rating: G
Summary: Rainy day. Quiet mansion. Two young men.

Picnic in the Rain
by meyari   me_ya_ri
Rating: PG13
Summary:  Clark promised Lex a picnic with his mom's fried chicken and pie but it's raining cats and dogs. Lex has a solution that makes them both happy.

by BlueGold
Rating: R
Summary: Smallville is in the middle of a rain patch, and Clark and Lex are kidnapped.

by   museaway
Rated:  PG13
Summary: Raindrops fall and stain the sidewalks, and Clark breaks Lex's heart.

by Shadowstar
Rating: G
Summary: The world is crying. Warning: character death

The Rain
by Henry Jones Jr  
Rating: PG
Summary: Clearly, he was insane. Or infatuated. Either one didn't bode well for him.

Rain Dancing
by DebC   debc
Rating: PG
Summary: "See the way those leaves have their backs turned to the sky? Sure sign of rain."

Rainy Daze
by   keikokin
Rating: PG13
Summary:  Lex hates rainy days, or does he?

Rain King Clark, Chloe, Lana
by Juanita Dark  
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Water under the bridge.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop
by  Janet F. Caires-Lesgold jfc013
Rating:  NC17
Summary:  Weathering a storm

Softer Than the Rain
by jenn  
Rating: NC17
Summary: It's what he wants.

Staring At A Hurricane
by   danceswithgary
Rating:  Teen
Summary: He's the worst, has always sliced the deepest.

What You Are Like In the Rain
by Nifra Idril
Rating: PG
Summary: This is night and this is Clark's hand, outlined against your skin.

Where You Are
by Caro And Shellah  
barely_bean   trinaest
Rating: R
Summary: There's rain. And a destiny. A Caro/Shell collaboration.

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August 14th, 2016

07:26 am: Phone Tag
Phone Tag

Herein our boys get busy on the phone...Collapse )
Busy Line Alt.Link
Rated:  NC17
Summary:  The first time it happened was an accident.

Busy Line 2
Rated:  NC17
Summary:  Lex’s POV
by   justabi

Coffee Talk series
Part 4 – Phone Call
Rating: Gen
Summary:  Clark calls Lex, and they talk.
by  Mercutio

Daily Occurrences
Rating:  G
Summary:   It happens, you know, when you get old.
by   coloredink

Dial Tone    Alt.Link
Rated: Teen
Summary:  (none given) creepy, disturbing themes, in tags
by slodwick

Directory Assistance Alt.Link
Rating: NC17
Summary: Um, it's a PWP. Phone sex.

by   andariell

Discoveries series

Phone Revelations
Rating:  Mature
Summary:  Maybe Clark is destined to have weird tentacle sex. Then again, maybe not.

Phone Dreams
Rating:  Mature
Summary:  Lex couldn't help but notice how odd Clark had sounded on the phone. His imagination tries to fill in the blanks
by twilighthdfan

Dust in the Wind
Rated:  PG
Summary:  Summary: Slightly AU, futurefic. Your world can change in a single instant.
by   digitalwave

Exhibitionistic Tendencies Alt.Link
Rated:  NC17
Summary:  Lex take a phone call. Clark distracts him.
by   elandrialore

Four Years Alt.Link
Rated: R
Summary:  It's been four years since Clark's spoken to Lex, but every year on his birthday Lex still calls.
by   kho

Rated: PG13
Summary:  Lex is horrified that Clark has never seen it.
by   kho

In the Kingdom of Hope Alt.Link
Rated:  NC17
Summary:  Five years ago, Lex gave Clark Kryptonite for his birthday
by   sori1773

In the Light of Day
Rated:  Mature
Summary:  When it was all over, Clark wouldn't even remember how they got there.
by   estrella30

Late Night Phone Calls series
Rating: NC17
Summary: Clark and Lex have phone sex, which leads to other kinds of fun.
by  Anne tobyfan                                                                                                                                                                            

Listen to Your Heart
Rated: PG
Summary:  There's another long pause and Lex opens his eyes again, wondering if Clark hung up, but-  "Anyway, I should go. I…I'll call you tomorrow. Bye, Lex." -it seems that Clark hasn't said all he's wanted to say just yet.
by   elandrialore

Local Call
Rating: NC17
Summary: Reach out and touch someone.
by Grail bookend

Of Dead Phones
Rating: R
Summary:  Lex's phone keeps ringing, and that's very, very annoying to Clark.
by   kho

Once Upon A Time In A Phone Booth
Rating: NC17
Summary:  er… PHONE BOOTH SEX!
by     krichira

Personal Call
Rating: NC17
Summary:  Lex takes a personal call during a meeting.
by  Shellah trinaest

Phone Call
Rating:  NC17
Summary:  Business trips suck. Thank God for phones.
by   earthseed_fic

Phone Sex   ** Clark/Chloe**
Rating: NC17
Summary:  This came out slightly more plotty than I intended.  And yes, I do realize the picture is actually of Clois.  Work with me, people; you can't tell.  Really.
by   ellyfanfic   (Elly)
**This one slipped by my clex radar and as she’s such a talented writer I thought I’d share regardless in keeping with the list theme.

Phone Sex
Rated: NC17
Summary: A mistaken call in the middle of the night gives Clark hope for the future.
by Laureen

The Phone Sex Series
Rating: NC17
Summary: Lex is horny, Clark’s on the phone
by   hergerbabe

Radar Love pt. 1
Radar Love pt. 2
Summary:   Lex deals with the aftermath of the island and Clark deals with the aftermath of Metropolis. But they both have their best friend to look after them, and it's not long before they're closer than ever.
by  sorrelchestnut    

Rated: NC17
Summary:  Lex calls. Clark watches. Then things happen.
by  Shellah   trinaest

Scrutiny and Speculation: The Media Series  
Part 3 – Phone Chain  
Rating:  Mature

Summary:  Set six years after “Pajamas in the Keys” Clark is seriously injured while on Super business.  Clark’s Age : 32 
Note: This is the third in a series. If you haven’t read the other parts you will miss some of the references
by azure_k_mello

Rating: NC17
Summary:  Talk Dirty To Me challenge, I give you cliché!phone-sex!fic. It's unbetad, it's meaningless smut, and it's completely…
by isagel      

Rating:  G
Summary:   Occasionally, there are communication problems.
by   coloredink

Rating: G
Summary:  Clark learns a lot about German history.
by   coloredink

A Telephone Conversation during a Very Important Press Conference on August 17th
Rating: NC17
Summary:  Notes: Futurefic. No spoilers. Uh, this the first NC-17 writing I've ever posted. So, criticisms and stroking of ego are both happily accepted. And actually, I'm quite proud of what CK stands for -- took a while for my predominantly PG-13 brain to come up with it though. :)
by     corbeaun

Telephone Tag
Rating: Mature
Summary: Futurefic. They just keep missing each other, but that doesn't stop them from trying.
by sorrelchestnut<

Rating: NC-17
Summary:  At some point, Clark would have had to make the decision to take his savior complex global and I can’t imagine that Lex would have liked the idea of sharing. It’s going to take some getting used to.
by   audrarose

Two Voices
Rating: R
Summary: An AU where Clark and Lex meet under totally different circumstances.
by   dolimir_k

Rating:  PG
Summary:  I knew life could change in a second.
by atalante3134   epona34

Unlimited Minutes
Rating:  Mature
Summary:  It's all about having a little fun, plain and simple. Clark tries out phone sex at Lex's expense
by Hautecoffey

Waiting by the Phone
Rating: NC17
Summary:  Clark collects on a call.
by stone_princess

"You're not Dreaming" trilogy
You're not Dreaming,
You're Still not Dreaming,

You're Definitely not Dreaming.
Rated: NC17
Summary: Phone sex and dreams.
by   kho


sv_flashfiction had a phone sex challenge and you can find all the entries here.

These fics from the Memories at sv_flashficiton are missing in action… please be so kind as to comment if you find and are able to share an alternate link.

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