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September 8th, 2016

02:13 am: You’ve Got Mail!
IM,  Chat,  Email, Snail Mail, Correspondence etc.

Alexander the Great
by Marag and Terpsichore
Summary: When googling information on Alexander the Great for a school report, Clark inadvertently comes across Lex’s livejournal account.

Beloved Enemy
By AtieJen
Summary: Futurefic.  Lex receives a different kind of Dear John Letter.

CK333: Come Chat with Me
by Mereridkat morudai
Summary: Clark chatting on-line with family… and a friend

by pearl_o
Summary: Clark's pen pal skills need sharpening.

The Cultivation of Clark Kent
By Mlleelizabeth
Summary: Clark's last summer vacation before college brings some changes.

ICQ Chat & Confessions
by Annita & MeLi
Summary: Title pretty self-explanatory.
AN: Late one night, we decided to have a little fun... and this came out.

IM Conversation
by mixtapestar
Summary: An IM conversation between Clark and Lex.

Instant Mess
by kryptokitten
Summary: The 21st century’s answer to phone sex – Instant Messenger.

The Language of Techno-Love Alt.Link
by kHo       kho  
Summary: Text messaging, and a little Chloe thrown in on the side

A Letter To My Love
by supergrover24
Summary: A/N: missu requested Historical Clex for the writerly icon myashke made for me. I should note that I have no sense for history. Really. None. With that in mind, I decided that Lex would be writing Clark a letter in some indeterminate Victorian era. Likely set in Europe somewhere Lords and Ladies exist. And stableboys. 234 words, because the concept of 100 is lost on me.

The Letter
by gothgirl
Summary: It was time.

Letters to a Dear Stranger
by wanderlustlover
Summary: A correspondence between Chloe and Clark once high school is over.

My Future
by morganichele
Summary: Clark and Lex miss each other and correspond through letters. Then, of course, there's a reunion.

Passage Letters
by FlowDi
Summary:  Love letters always make graduation much happier :)

Return to Sender
by morganichele
Summary: This is absurdity. Clark decides to get his feeling out by writing them down. Lex, of course, finds out.

Survey Says - Clark  
Summary:  Chloe sends e-mail created surveys to try and get Clark and Lex together.
Survey Says - Lex   8/9 
Summary:  Chloe sends around her e-mail created surveys to help get Clark and Lex together.
Survey Says - Hello
Summary:  Clark takes yet another one of Chloe's e-mail surveys.
by D-boy

To All The Aliens I've Loved Before
by zahra hackthis
Summary:  A form letter should never be complicated

We Ought Not Die
by Emrinalexander and kyanoswolf
Summary:  Clark and Lex begin a correspondence to explain themselves to each other.

Wrting Challenge
by kyanoswolf
Summary:  Two Pairs of Wednesday100s based on letters or writing

What You Don’t Know
by RavenWolf
SummaryChallenge: Lex and Clark meet in a chat room, a gay chat room. Bonus points for cybersex.(Jezebel the Temptress)
A/N: No cybersex, sorry. But there is some nice regular sex.

With This Letter, I Dissolve
by Lexalot lexalot
Summary: Forgivable is not in the Luthor Lexicon.

Writers Block
by Kristina Andersson
Summary:  Clark has writers block and writes Lex a letter. Pure sap.

You’ve Got Mail
by   danceswithgary
Summary:  Sometimes you have to take a chance on real life.

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August 18th, 2016

02:11 pm: Rainy Days
Rainy Days

All of Him
by ingrid   
Rating: PG13
Summary: Hidden away on a rainy day.

And the Rain Washed the Spider Out
by bipolypesca   bipolypesca
Rating: PG13
Summary:  Clark is probably the only one who doesn't see the oddity.

by lifeinwords
Rating:  Mature
Summary:  The flame in the fire, hanging like rain on the brink of desire.

by Cleo
Rating: NC17
Summary: Clark needs to get away from it all, so Lex takes him on a vacation in the rain forest. (Just a short little cuddle-porn story.)

by Stone Princess
Rating: NC17
Summary: Clark, Lex, a convertible and summer rainstorm.

The Day It Rained Forever
by Keelywolfe  
Rating: NC17
Summary: Set two years into the future, at a funeral where even the weather has a say in things.

Flying Lessons Clark/Chloe
by paperbkryter   paperbkryter
Rating: R
Summary: Chloe learns Clark's secret, and devises a plan to help relieve a severe drought by teaching him to fly. Clark then returns the favor by teaching Chloe how to fly.

Funeral Tea
by Janet F. Caires-Lesgold
Rating: NC17
Summary: Clark comes in from the rain

I'll Take the Rain
by   fromward
Rating:  NC17
Summary:  There’s too much here, Clark tells himself. Sex is the simplest they’re ever going to get... or... the (med student verse) futurefic in which clark and lex have sex some time after lex's return to metropolis

Laughter of Ghosts
by   museaway
Rating:  Mature
Summary:  Exorcising demons. My personal favorite of my Smallville pieces. (Lex-centric, second person POV, mildly AU, third season, no specific episode ties.)
Notes: Quotations taken from Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Prince," originally published in 1513.

Noli Me Tangere (Don't Touch Me)
Author: jenn
Rating: PG13
Summary: Clark ruminates on the nature of things. Lex loses a little
control. Rain's involved.

Nothing But The Rain Lex, Cassandra
Author: Medie  
Rating: PG
Summary: Humanity isn't a weakness.

Not Necessarily Happily Ever After Chloe/Lex
by DebC   debc
Rating: R
Summary: A rain storm brings two ex-lovers back together for one night

by   annie17851
Rating:  NC17
Summary:  After the events of Insurgence, Lex has issues.

Of Blood and Bad Craziness (12 K)
by zahra  
Rating: PG
Summary: 'It rained a lot in the autumn in Kansas; he had forgotten that.
He seemed to forget that every year.'
*Written for the Neil Gaiman Title Challenge*

by JainieG
Rating: G
Summary: Rainy day. Quiet mansion. Two young men.

Picnic in the Rain
by meyari   me_ya_ri
Rating: PG13
Summary:  Clark promised Lex a picnic with his mom's fried chicken and pie but it's raining cats and dogs. Lex has a solution that makes them both happy.

by BlueGold
Rating: R
Summary: Smallville is in the middle of a rain patch, and Clark and Lex are kidnapped.

by   museaway
Rated:  PG13
Summary: Raindrops fall and stain the sidewalks, and Clark breaks Lex's heart.

by Shadowstar
Rating: G
Summary: The world is crying. Warning: character death

The Rain
by Henry Jones Jr  
Rating: PG
Summary: Clearly, he was insane. Or infatuated. Either one didn't bode well for him.

Rain Dancing
by DebC   debc
Rating: PG
Summary: "See the way those leaves have their backs turned to the sky? Sure sign of rain."

Rainy Daze
by   keikokin
Rating: PG13
Summary:  Lex hates rainy days, or does he?

Rain King Clark, Chloe, Lana
by Juanita Dark  
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Water under the bridge.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop
by  Janet F. Caires-Lesgold jfc013
Rating:  NC17
Summary:  Weathering a storm

Softer Than the Rain
by jenn  
Rating: NC17
Summary: It's what he wants.

Staring At A Hurricane
by   danceswithgary
Rating:  Teen
Summary: He's the worst, has always sliced the deepest.

What You Are Like In the Rain
by Nifra Idril
Rating: PG
Summary: This is night and this is Clark's hand, outlined against your skin.

Where You Are
by Caro And Shellah  
barely_bean   trinaest
Rating: R
Summary: There's rain. And a destiny. A Caro/Shell collaboration.

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August 14th, 2016

07:26 am: Phone Tag
Phone Tag

Herein our boys get busy on the phone...Collapse )
Busy Line Alt.Link
Rated:  NC17
Summary:  The first time it happened was an accident.

Busy Line 2
Rated:  NC17
Summary:  Lex’s POV
by   justabi

Coffee Talk series
Part 4 – Phone Call
Rating: Gen
Summary:  Clark calls Lex, and they talk.
by  Mercutio

Daily Occurrences
Rating:  G
Summary:   It happens, you know, when you get old.
by   coloredink

Dial Tone    Alt.Link
Rated: Teen
Summary:  (none given) creepy, disturbing themes, in tags
by slodwick

Directory Assistance Alt.Link
Rating: NC17
Summary: Um, it's a PWP. Phone sex.

by   andariell

Discoveries series

Phone Revelations
Rating:  Mature
Summary:  Maybe Clark is destined to have weird tentacle sex. Then again, maybe not.

Phone Dreams
Rating:  Mature
Summary:  Lex couldn't help but notice how odd Clark had sounded on the phone. His imagination tries to fill in the blanks
by twilighthdfan

Dust in the Wind
Rated:  PG
Summary:  Summary: Slightly AU, futurefic. Your world can change in a single instant.
by   digitalwave

Exhibitionistic Tendencies Alt.Link
Rated:  NC17
Summary:  Lex take a phone call. Clark distracts him.
by   elandrialore

Four Years Alt.Link
Rated: R
Summary:  It's been four years since Clark's spoken to Lex, but every year on his birthday Lex still calls.
by   kho

Rated: PG13
Summary:  Lex is horrified that Clark has never seen it.
by   kho

In the Kingdom of Hope Alt.Link
Rated:  NC17
Summary:  Five years ago, Lex gave Clark Kryptonite for his birthday
by   sori1773

In the Light of Day
Rated:  Mature
Summary:  When it was all over, Clark wouldn't even remember how they got there.
by   estrella30

Late Night Phone Calls series
Rating: NC17
Summary: Clark and Lex have phone sex, which leads to other kinds of fun.
by  Anne tobyfan                                                                                                                                                                            

Listen to Your Heart
Rated: PG
Summary:  There's another long pause and Lex opens his eyes again, wondering if Clark hung up, but-  "Anyway, I should go. I…I'll call you tomorrow. Bye, Lex." -it seems that Clark hasn't said all he's wanted to say just yet.
by   elandrialore

Local Call
Rating: NC17
Summary: Reach out and touch someone.
by Grail bookend

Of Dead Phones
Rating: R
Summary:  Lex's phone keeps ringing, and that's very, very annoying to Clark.
by   kho

Once Upon A Time In A Phone Booth
Rating: NC17
Summary:  er… PHONE BOOTH SEX!
by     krichira

Personal Call
Rating: NC17
Summary:  Lex takes a personal call during a meeting.
by  Shellah trinaest

Phone Call
Rating:  NC17
Summary:  Business trips suck. Thank God for phones.
by   earthseed_fic

Phone Sex   ** Clark/Chloe**
Rating: NC17
Summary:  This came out slightly more plotty than I intended.  And yes, I do realize the picture is actually of Clois.  Work with me, people; you can't tell.  Really.
by   ellyfanfic   (Elly)
**This one slipped by my clex radar and as she’s such a talented writer I thought I’d share regardless in keeping with the list theme.

Phone Sex
Rated: NC17
Summary: A mistaken call in the middle of the night gives Clark hope for the future.
by Laureen

The Phone Sex Series
Rating: NC17
Summary: Lex is horny, Clark’s on the phone
by   hergerbabe

Radar Love pt. 1
Radar Love pt. 2
Summary:   Lex deals with the aftermath of the island and Clark deals with the aftermath of Metropolis. But they both have their best friend to look after them, and it's not long before they're closer than ever.
by  sorrelchestnut    

Rated: NC17
Summary:  Lex calls. Clark watches. Then things happen.
by  Shellah   trinaest

Scrutiny and Speculation: The Media Series  
Part 3 – Phone Chain  
Rating:  Mature

Summary:  Set six years after “Pajamas in the Keys” Clark is seriously injured while on Super business.  Clark’s Age : 32 
Note: This is the third in a series. If you haven’t read the other parts you will miss some of the references
by azure_k_mello

Rating: NC17
Summary:  Talk Dirty To Me challenge, I give you cliché!phone-sex!fic. It's unbetad, it's meaningless smut, and it's completely…
by isagel      

Rating:  G
Summary:   Occasionally, there are communication problems.
by   coloredink

Rating: G
Summary:  Clark learns a lot about German history.
by   coloredink

A Telephone Conversation during a Very Important Press Conference on August 17th
Rating: NC17
Summary:  Notes: Futurefic. No spoilers. Uh, this the first NC-17 writing I've ever posted. So, criticisms and stroking of ego are both happily accepted. And actually, I'm quite proud of what CK stands for -- took a while for my predominantly PG-13 brain to come up with it though. :)
by     corbeaun

Telephone Tag
Rating: Mature
Summary: Futurefic. They just keep missing each other, but that doesn't stop them from trying.
by sorrelchestnut<

Rating: NC-17
Summary:  At some point, Clark would have had to make the decision to take his savior complex global and I can’t imagine that Lex would have liked the idea of sharing. It’s going to take some getting used to.
by   audrarose

Two Voices
Rating: R
Summary: An AU where Clark and Lex meet under totally different circumstances.
by   dolimir_k

Rating:  PG
Summary:  I knew life could change in a second.
by atalante3134   epona34

Unlimited Minutes
Rating:  Mature
Summary:  It's all about having a little fun, plain and simple. Clark tries out phone sex at Lex's expense
by Hautecoffey

Waiting by the Phone
Rating: NC17
Summary:  Clark collects on a call.
by stone_princess

"You're not Dreaming" trilogy
You're not Dreaming,
You're Still not Dreaming,

You're Definitely not Dreaming.
Rated: NC17
Summary: Phone sex and dreams.
by   kho


sv_flashfiction had a phone sex challenge and you can find all the entries here.

These fics from the Memories at sv_flashficiton are missing in action… please be so kind as to comment if you find and are able to share an alternate link.

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August 11th, 2016

08:42 pm: Student Teacher
Teacher Lex

Ethics 101: chapter one Alt.Link
Rating:  Mature
Summary:  Clark needs one signature to get into the ethics class.

Ethics 101: chapter two Alt.Link
Rating: NC17
Summary:  Clark is going to have his teacher no matter what it takes.

by gothclark   goth_clark

Trial By Media
Rating:  Gen
Summary:  Clark enlists Chloe's help to save his Lex. Post-Shattered.

Teacher's Pet
Rating:  Teen
Summary:  Sequel to Trial by Media. Lex is forced to take a position where he'll be watched.
by La Chatte Noire   lachattenoire13

Language of Love
Rating: NC17
Summary: Clark hates poetry. At least, that's what he thinks.
By Dogpoet garryowen

Lessons in History: The Tribulations of Alexander
Rating: Mature
Summary:  Smallville High has a new member of the faculty.
by Lenore   scribblinlenore

Life of Mediocrity Alt.Link
Rating:  NC17
Summary:  They could be mediocre together, or powerful alone.
by Henry Jones Jr   sabershadowkat

Never Been Lexed
Rating: PG
Summary:  This is based on the movie Never Been Kissed and my first attempt at writing a retelling of an existing story.
by   moosesal

Tender is Far Too Fierce For Us
Rating:  Teen
Summary:  If Lex were a different man, he could maybe resist the temptation of Clark's wide, trusting eyes and smiles of affection, his near reverent admiration and obvious crush. Then again, if Lex were a different man, maybe Clark would not have ended up bent over Lex's desk one late hour when the rest of the school is empty...
by Nevcolleil

Two Years From Tomorrow
Rating:  Teen
Summary:  A letter from the future leads the way to love.
by   danceswithgary

Teacher Clark

Absolute Trust - The First Date
Rating:  Teen
Summary:  Plans for Clark and Lex's first date are abruptly changed.
by Magdelena     magdelena1969

Rating:  NC17
Summary: Something is happening to Lex. Something he can't understand.
Notes: The Bradbury story is called "All Summer in a Day."
By Dogpoet garryowen

Who Needs An Apple?
Rating:  NC17
Summary:  Just think, some teachers get fruit.
by danceswithgary


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July 31st, 2016

01:48 pm: Let’s Go to the Movies!
Let’s Go to the Movies!
Fusions, Remix, “Smallville” style etc. Enjoy!

13 Going on 30 2004

Second Chances
by hoperoy
Summary: Lex realizes that he didn't know what he had until he lost it.

Being Superman
by hazelthewitch
Summary:  Clark wakes up in a world where he is Superman and Superman is dead.
Notes: For the Under Mistletoe Holiday Challenge, Day 6 Romantic Movie Week ("13 Going on 30")

Thirty-five Going on Thirteen  
by mahaliem
Summary:  I was reading the undermistletoe challenges, specifically the Thirteen Going on Thirty stories by hoperoy and by hazelthewitch when I was bit by a plot bunny. I wrote a couple of paragraphs, thinking that would be it. The next day, I wrote another couple of paragraphs. To my surprise, it all turned into a story.

An Affair to Remember 1957

Songs for a Lonely Heart Alt.Link
by digitalwave
Summary:  Your heart can be found when you least expect it.

For the Good Times   
by Joanne Collins  
Summary:  Lex is injured in a lab explosion and Clark helps him recover by being a supportive and caring lover, as well as making sure Lex knows that nothing has changed.

The African Queen 1951

Sequelae Alt.Link
by LastScorpion
Summary:  Years in the future, an exploded lab makes Lex Luthor think things over. Then people go on vacation. Written for fromward and shattered's ClextheClassics challenge.

The American President 1995

The Lexian President   
Summary:  A retelling of the movie "The American President."
The Lexian President, The Sequel
Summary:  Clark and Lex make a life together after Lex's Presidency ends.

Both by hecubus

Anne of Green Gables 1985  

Clark, of Green Gables  
by hyperfocused
Summary: Cute with a twist. (Wed 100)

The Bourne Identity 2002

The Kent Identity
by danceswithgary
Summary:  When your entire life has been a lie, whom do you trust?

Cheaper by the Dozen 2003

A Dozen Reasons to Mope  
by Roses    
Summary:  Inspired by Tom Welling's film, Cheaper by the Dozen, this story explores how different Clark's life would be if he had a houseful of siblings.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Wed 100)
by hyperfocused
Summary:  Clark Encounters of the First Kind: Lex watches Clark doing chores
Clark Encounters of the Second Kind:Lex steals Clark's sweaty T-shirt
Clark Encounters of the Third Kind: There's definitely some anal probing going on.
Notes: (in honor of Lana's parents)

Cocktail 1988

Cocktails and Dreams
by phoenixnz
Summary: Clark Kent wanted to be a journalist but is forced to become a bartender instead. While working at a bar in Jamaica he meets Lex and falls for him, but like any road to love there are a few bumps along the way. An adaptation of Cocktail starring Tom Cruise, but with my own AU spin on it.

Dangerous Liaisons, 1988    Ridicule 1996

Dangerous Relations
by Mobiusklein
Summary:  Basically a fusion of Smallville, Dangerous Liaisons (the movie & book versions) with a twist of the French movie Ridicule.

The Devil Wears Prada 2006

Devil Wears Armani
by Mindige0
Summary:  Clark has the one job that most people would kill to have, unfortunately Clark is the one person that doesn't want the job. Will he be able to survive or quit?

The Fox and the Hound,  1981  The Friendly Ghost 1995

Let’s Go to the Movies    (Wed 100)
by Kyanoswolf
Summary:  A pair of Wednesday100s based on movies.

Ghost 1990

by morganichele
Summary: This is based on the movie 'Ghost'. However, I promise a happy ending and neither of the main characters dies. Clark and Lex are together, and they're in an honest, secret-free relationship.

Gosford Park   2001

Gosford Snark
by Mobiusklein
Summary: It's basically a tribute to Gosford Park the movie. I always think the servants of the house know a bit more than you think. Nothing explicit, just plain weird.

Gosford Snark 2 or Time Traveler Enrique
by Mobiusklein
Summary: Very weird tribute to time travel stories & televisionwithoutpity forums. Very OOC (out of character)

Gigi 1958

The Cultivation of Clark Kent
By Mlleelizabeth
Summary: Clark's last summer vacation before college brings some changes.

The Green Mile 1999

The Green Mile
by Wereleopard58 wereleopard58
Summary:  Lex meets a prisoner on death row that changes his outlook and his life

Head Over Heals 2001

Head Over Heals
by danceswithgary
Summary:  Sometimes it's hard to be a model citizen.

Her Alibi 1989

His Alibi
by danceswithgary
Summary:  Falling for a beautiful man can be murder!

His Girl Friday 1940

His Girl Friday
by  Suzvoy suzvoy
Summary:  The Year's Wildest, Wittiest Whirlwind of a Love Battle... Outrageously Racy... Sparkling... Gay!

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 2005

Mostly Harmless (Wed100)
by   hyperfocused
Summary:  [Lex hoped] that the second head would grow some hair…

Hope Floats   1998

Why Float When You Can Fly?
by  Keikokin  
Summary:  Based on the movie "Hope Floats" with some twists.

It Happened One Night   1934

It Happened One Weekend
by  Mahaliem   mahaliem
Summary:  Kal-El has become engaged to a woman that his father doesn't approve of. Run-ning away to Metropolis, he meets Lex Luthor. Lex seizes the opportunity to have one of the aliens beholden to him and volunteers to help Kal.

It’s a Wonderful Life   1946

A World Without Clark Kent    
by  Ruby Rosetta Red
Summary:  This is kind of 'A Wonderful Life', Smallville style!. It's Christmas in Smallville. What would life in Smallville be like if Clark Kent never existed?

The Lake House   2006

Two Years From Tomorrow
by   danceswithgary
Summary:  A letter from the future leads the way to love.

The Little Mermaid   1989

All At Sea
by Mahaliem mahaliem
Summary:  For the Smallville Fairy Tale challenge, I wrote Little Red Robin Hood stories. However, part of me has been kicking around the idea of Clark as The Little Mermaid. goss made a beautiful piece of artwork based on the fairy tale, but it only whetted my appetite. I wanted fic.

Oceans Apart   Alt.Link
by   cinderella81
Summary:  I decided to Clexify 'The Little Mermaid’. Warning: schmoop and slight crack ahead

Little Women   1994

The Women of Smallville   (Clark/Lois Lex/Lana)
by   phoenixnz
Summary:  Lois Lane grows up the adopted daughter of Martha and Jonathan Kent along with Lana, Chloe and Lucy. Their lives become intertwined with Clark and Lex Luthor and their friends.

Love, Actually   2003

The Trouble with Love
by  Rose Emily toomuchplor
Summary:  Based on the film "Love Actually". 9 ways Clark and Lex didn't get together.

Made in Heaven   1987

Heaven Sent
by   danceswithgary
Summary:  It was a match made in Heaven. Now, how on Earth will they ever find each other again?

My Fair Lady   1964

My Fair Clark   Alt.Link
by cinderella81
Summary:  A Clex version of 'My Fair Lady' with a very happy ending.

Never Been Kissed   1999

Never Been Lexed
by   moosesal
Summary:  This is based on the movie Never Been Kissed and my first attempt at writing a retelling of an existing story.

Overboard   1987

You Can Call Me Al
by  Lenore   scribblinlenore
Summary:  Lex gets lost, and Clark claims him. An AU a la the movie “Overboard.”

P.S. I Love You 2007

See the Sun
by  SC182  (aurora cee)   supercaptain182
Summary:  You probably don't want to hear that tomorrow's another day, but I promise you'll see the sun again. (Dido, See The Sun)

The Parent Trap   1961

The (Parentheses) Trap
by hyperfocused
Summary:  Clara Jean Kent and Lauren Luthor watch Hayley Mills (and Hayley Mills) and ideas are born. Their dads don't know if they are geniuses or evil geniuses.

Pleasantville   1998

Smallville: A Pleasantville Remix
by  Verob2002
Summary:  Part of CLFF V challenge. Convert my fave movie into Clexy goodness.

Pretty Woman 1990

Rentboy Alt.Link
by phoenixnz
Summary: Clark Kent is a hooker who meets Lex Luthor in Gotham City. Lex hires him for the night, then chooses to hire him for the week as part of a business deal he is negotiating.

Pride and Prejudice 1995   Pride & Prejudice    2005

First Impressions
by  Dogpoet garryowen
Summary:  Pride and Prejudice Smallville style.

Rebel without a Cause 1955

by  Roxymissrose roxymissrose
Summary:  Answers come when least expected, sometimes a prompt is needed.

Regarding Henry 1991

Regarding Lex
Summary:  The story of a man who had everything, but found something more.       
Of Pies Plaid and Prom Kings
Summary:  When he arrives home for his 'date' with Lex, Clark finds a pleasant surprise in the loft. A coda for Regarding Lex for rosy5000's birthday.

Both by danceswithgary

Romeo & Juliet 1968  Romeo + Juliet 1996  

Fun with Shakespeare Alt.Link
by Crossbow
Summary:  "Romeo and Juliet" set in Smallville. Two households, both alike in dignity, in Smallville, Kansas, where I lay my scene, from ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

Shakespeare in Shock
by Miamouse
Rating: Teen
Summary: Clark plays Romeo, but who will light up the stage as his Juliet? And what will they have to pay for it?

Sabrina 1995, Sabrina 1954 

All’s Fair
by  Ceares
Summary:  This was done based on memory of the movie alone, so while it does liberate some basic plot points it doesn't actually follow along religiously.

Serenity   2005  Firefly 2002-2003

The Rarer Action
by danceswithgary
Summary:  Lost in the future, can they forgive each other before it's too late?

Still Breathing   1997

Still Breathing
by   danceswithgary
Summary:  The love of a lifetime can begin with a dream.

Taxi Driver   1976

Taxi Driver
by  Rose etta
Summary:  AU Smut. Consummation of obsession demands intense anal sex.

Tequila Sunrise   1988

Nothing but Air  
by   danceswithgary
Summary:  Some people believe that a friendship can wear out like tires. There's only just so much mileage in them, and then you're left riding around on nothing but air. Some people know better than that.

While You Were Sleeping  1995

While You Were Delirious
by  Catlover
Summary:  A delirious admission of love on the part of Lex leads to much insanity as both Clark and Lex try to figure out what the other is feeling. (Any parallels seen between this story and the movie, 'While You Were Sleeping' are completely intentional and should not be dismissed.)

You’ve Got Mail   1998

You’ve Got Mail
by   danceswithgary
Summary:  Sometimes you have to take a chance on real life.


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July 27th, 2016

11:26 pm: Admit Two
Movies are the theme… whether going out, staying in or discussing in general.

Going Out:

A Night at the Movies:
Fresh Popcorn
Summary:  PG-13. Clark/Lex. A sort of coda to Cravings. How did Lex end up throwing Lana's birthday party?
First Date  
Summary:  NC-17. Clark/Lex. First dates and first times.

Both by Bethy   girlinthetrilby

Admit One  
by Gigi Sinclair
Summary:  Clark asks Lex to go see a movie… they run into Lana and Whitney. Nice schmoopy surprise at the end.

by   thamiris
Summary:  Lex/Clark.  NC-17.  Clark and Lex go to the movies.

**This author’s journal is in memorial status as she is no longer with us. Her website is still up and available to those who would like to re-read some of her other Smallville fic.**

Show and Tell
by Mercutio
Summary:  In which Clark and Lex talk after a movie.

Subtext Alt.Link  
by Teland     teland
Summary: Clark takes Lex to the movies.
Author's Note: So, Deb pointed out that The Lost Boys was playing at the movies during X-Ray. I had to. Much of this fic will be meaningless to those of you who haven't actually seen that movie.
Rating NC-17

The RHPS Experience
by  Kelex     kelex
Summary:  Don't dream it, be it.
Rating NC-17

Time for the Movies
by Sinisterf 
Summary: Clark convinces Lex to go to the movies with him. Mild silliness ensues.

Staying in:

A Better Tomorrow   
by Mobiusklein
Summary: Clark & Lex watch John Woo's The Killer, various scenes from the Killer also riff on their relationship and its possible future. Lots of spoilers for the John Woo movie.

Movie Night
by   LadyDreamer  
Summary:  Movie Night at the Luthor penthouse.

Movie Night  
by DarkLady 
Summary:  Clark and Lex spend a night at home watching old sci-fi B movies. Really - it's that simple.

Pot-Induced Revelations
by SlushSlat
Summary:  A night of revelations over a movie for Clark and Lex.
Rated NC-17

Sweet and Sour   
by   innusiq
Summary: Lex and Clark. Movie and Snacks. What more could be asked for?
**Locked on AO3 and Flocked on innusiq’s journal. Rated G. I have no problem sending you a copy if both those scenario’s prevent you from reading it.

What Are You Wearing?
by   edie22
Summary: There's a carnival, there's games and a movie. It's all very innocent. Ok, maybe not.
Rating NC-17


"Film at Eleven!" Alt.Link
by Dannell Lites
Summary: Movie night with the Batfolks.
Cautions: Rated G for Pure As The Driven Snow:)

Popcorn and Movies  
by LSR  
Summary:  Bruce invites Clark over for an innocent and wholesome movie night. Ok...maybe not completely wholesome. Children eyes are scarred.

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July 26th, 2016

03:48 am: Kids!Clex (2)
Breathing Home
by Hope
Summary: Red-haired soft feels like home.

A Lot to Say
by fieldagent85
Summary: Martha employs an unorthodox method to get baby Clark talking.

First Encounters
by LaCasta
Summary: More early adventures of Toddler!Clark

First Words
By Reetchick
Summary: It's hard to be a mom.

Super Bullet Sneeze
by Bexless
Summary: Clark needed help sometimes.

The Finder’s Keepers
by Mako
Summary: The Kents bring Clark home. But can they keep him?

The Link Between Mothers
by SVCrystalGreen
Summary: The meaning behind Clark’s first word.

by Bipolypesca  
Summary: Kal-El has arrived.

by Kat   touchstoneaf
Summary: What if the Old Bastard died in the meteor shower? What if the Kents found Lex anyway (as is fated)? What would change?

by Kristina Andersson
Summary: Clark keeps hearing voices.

He’s My Son
by Spygirl8
Summary: Clark has nightmares... Jonathan and Martha comfort their son.

Baby Clex
by   aurora_bee
Summary:   Super Pea Shooter - The reason why Clark doesn't like peas. Makeup - Lex gets a makeover from his five year old brother Clark Wan. The Burds and the Beez – puppies; humor. Mother’s Day - It's Mother’s day at the Kent house.
*I believe there may be a couple more in Aurora's memories but I did not have access.

Another Time and Place -- A Clark and Lex Preschool Fairytale
by Andy   andariell
Summary: Clark and Lex in preschool...

A Kent Family Christmas
by Angelee
Summary: The Kent family gets a new member or do they?

A Stitch in Time
by Signe   oxoniensis
Summary: When tragedy strikes, can Jonathan save the day? And can Martha keep a straight face?

by Timian
Summary: Clark Kent isn't human.

Splinters and Broken Hinges
by Joedan84
Summary: Account of Pete's 'bully' story in Zero! (Baby!Clark, Baby!Pete friendship)

Family Outing
by innusiq innusiq
Summary: Two family outings, one city, cuteness abounds.

All the Small Things
by Edie22   edie22
Summary: Clark's childhood adventures.

A Bend in the Fence
by Ingrid   ingridmatthews
Summary: June, 1991. Lillian and Lex take a trip to Smallville.

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03:46 am: Kids!Clex (1)

A Bracelet of Bells
Summary: Baby!Clark. Nasty!Nell. Much cuteness.

A Handful of Stars
Summary: Fourth of July. All he'd wanted was to touch a star.

Both by Amanda

The Trouble with Aliens

Summary: Clark vs. Darlene the SHS bus driver

Two Small Boys

Summary: Two short fics about Lex and Clark as children

Cat’s Cradle

Summary: Martha Kent reflects on friends lost, and the next generation

All by Paperbkryter paperbkryter

Those First Few Days
Summary: Baby!clark drabbles. Fluffy.

Winter Wonderland
Summary: Baby!Clark's first encounter with snow.

Sins I Doubt, Songs I Know
Summary: Jonathan lets go of his doubts, falling in love with the little boy without realizing it

Shoelaces and Butterflies
Summary: Martha and Clark explore the farm. Baby!clark fluff

Clark Vs the Bull
Summary: Clark tries to play with the family bull.

All Choked Up
Summary: Little Clark chokes, Jonathan tries to help him.

Heaven Says Not So
Summary: Car accident. Kid!Clark

Superman Twins
Summary: In the first meteor shower of Smallville, Kansas, there is not just one hope for the world.

All by Dean'sNerdyAngel

Daddy’s Here
Summary: What happens when little Clark has his first nightmare during his first night with the Kents.

Just Like Daddy
Summary: Clark's first act of disobedience! When Clark tries to copy his father it has mixed and painful results.

Not as Important as Mommy and Daddy
Summary: Clark's first homework assignment.

Too Little
Summary: Clark's first temper tantrum and use of abilities.

All by Torie46

Monster in the Closet
Summary: Intriguing look at a future friend.

This Ordinary World
Summary: The world from the perspective of a 6 year old Clark.

You’re Not Alone
Summary: Protective love struck into her soul like a hammer. She barely knew this boy, and already she knew she'd die for him.

A Few Precious Things
Summary: A stuffed toy comforts two generations of Kent boys.

Summary: Clark and Pete. Pre-series

Boy With No Name
Summary: Boys with green eyes.

Summary: Clark/Chloe Before the series. A chance meeting in Metropolis when they are around 8 years old.

All by Elly/Meg,   ellyfanfic

Raising Clark
Summary: The Kents discover that their new son doesn't speak and doesn't seem to understand their language. How will they be able to raise him?

The Adventures of Little Clark
Summary: A sequel to "Raising Clark." This time, Jonathan and Martha learn that their new son, who's still struggling with the language, has extreme strength. How will they be able to handle this?

The Adventures of Little Clark – Part II
Summary: Jonathan and Martha's little toddler has even more surprises in store for his parents...including super speed.

The Adventures of Little Clark – Part III
Summary: It's Clark's first Christmas, and he isn't finished showing off his abilities to Maamaa and Daadaa. The fourth part of the Little Clark series.

All by Centralia Currie

Summary: An old friend of Martha's spends an afternoon making mud pies with little Clark. Secrets are not the same as lies. Coda - Jonathan gets a little more respect.

Summary: 9-year-old Clark spends a day with his old babysitter.

Summary: Young Lex goes to a science fiction convention -- but it's a faaaanish side trip to the nearby small town where the meteors came down that REALLY sparks his imagination.

All by The Die Hard

American As Apple Pie
Summary: Clark likes cows. Clark likes pie. (Wed 100)

Summary: Regarding items found by wee!Clark's beleaguered teachers. Includes: 1 inexplicably crumpled Matchbox car, Porsche 911, silver blue.


Summary: "I'm sorry," Clark said. "I didn't mean to be a flower. (Wed 100)

Summary:  Some very familiar kids go to the big city to visit Santa Claus.
*co-authored with    fox1013

All by hyperfocused

He Followed Me Home . . .
Summary: What if Lex had grown up in Smallville?

"Why Aren't You Wearing Your Wig, Lex?"
Summary: We see some of Lex's foster family and Lex visits the Kents again.

"Did you write this, honey?"
Summary: Clark writes his name.

All by pepperjackcandy

One Good Turn
Summary: Clark and Lex meet in Metropolis at the age of Lex is 12, Clark is 6

Kissing In A Tree (memories)
Summary:  Clark and Lex meet in SV; both are kids and are the same age
(2 parts were not in memories and unless you sort, the memories are not in order. Here are the completed links to Superwoobie’s LJ for your convenience.)

1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0
2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 3.0
3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 4.0
4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 5.0
5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, 6.0
6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4

Both by superwoobie

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01:58 am: Kids!Clex (just a little older...)

These fics start when they meet as kids, but follow through them until they are adults and start having a relationship

Two Halves
Summary: Two halves make a whole, even when they don't remember. A 'what if' Lex found Clark before the Kents did story.

This one has lots of emotional h/c, it’s a very sad story, with Ryan, but has a happy end for clex.

Dolimir is one of my fav. standalone story writers.

Someone To Watch Over Me
Summary: What if the government had stepped in and collected people affected by the meteors when Clark was still a toddler?

Both by dolimir     dolimir_k

Destiny's Couple
by Bleudiablo

Summary: Lex returns to Smallville a three months after the meteor shower and meets a young, silent Clark. Their friendship is a thing of Destiny no matter when it started.

Family Portrait
by  perryvic and Tzi

Summary: The Kent family is a mosiac that keeps shifting and moving itself in the oddest ways. Additions, subtractions, temporary divisions, but most of all, remember one thing. Watch out, or the silverfish will get you.

Maybe Baby
by Jas Masson

Summary: Lex has a problem.
This is only Lex reverting to childhood. Somehow cute, and somehow sad.

A Change in Habits
Summary: A story of wee!Clark and younger!Lex meeting in an alternate timeline

Summary: Sequel to A Change in Habits. Pamela had kidnapped Lex instead of leaving, creating a different chain of events.

Both by Mobiusklein     mobiusklein

by paperbkryter
Summary: Clark seeks to remember something from his childhood, and believes Lex may be the key.

Idyllic Life
by  perryvic, Zaganthi (Caffiends)

Summary: Part 1 - Jonathan was giving Martha 'Help' looks that screamed confusion. It was one thing to have to raise a three year old; another to bring a child who was almost ten into the family. Part 2 and so on Lex is in college and Clark, of course is much older than three.

World Enough and Time
by   arysteia

Summary: Part 2 of her series Lex and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. For once Clark has a good excuse for being late. It involves time travelers. Lex couldn't possibly take that badly. Could he?

Kid Stuff
by  LaceyMcbain    laceymcbain
Summary: At the end of the JLU episode “Kid Stuff”, they don’t immediately turn back into adults...

Grasping At Straws

by askaniblue
Summary: Clark tells Bruce a story about a childhood mistake that nearly cost him his life.

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