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January 15th, 2012

12:43 am: Theme Index
affiliate and other places for SV (clex) recs
how to track LJ posts
SV related LJ communities (that I know of)
long clex series/novels, that I consider to be classics
all clexfest links
Lex erasing Clark's memory
blind clark
clex as enemies
Jonathan reacting surprised and rather not well with clark being gay
Smallville fan soundtracks or fanmix
dancing clex
good lex with Justice League
clex with chloe (threesome)
club clex
Bart fics
Nemesis clex
lex losing all his money
mpreg clark
mpreg lex
Zod/Jor-El, Jor-El/Clark
lex turns into a girl
world domination clex
hooker clark
hooker lex
Clark is being hurt because he is an alien
college clex
bodyguard clark
telepathic bonded clex
halloween clex
amnesia clark
underage (or nearly underage) clark
christmas clex
post rift clex
president lex
romance clex
model clark
clex as brothers
Lex and Clark role reversal
Harry Potter/SV crossover
Queer as folk/SV crossover
post shattered/asylum/memoria clex
Lionel and Clark in a loving relationship
Lionel accepting the clex relationsship
wedding clex
priest lex
time travel clex
humor clex
cheating clex
clark killing himself
clark turns into a girl
phone sex clex
Men in Black/SV crossover
vampire clex, bloodplay
lex playing piano
auction clex
alien!overlord clark
clex coming out
virgin lex
Batman/SV crossover
amnesia lex
forced to have sex clex
Highlander/SV crossover
Buffy/SV crossover
historical clex
onyx clex
lex playing with clark's hair
clex with conner
SG-1/SGA/SV crossover
clex playing chess
CSI/SV crossover
Rock band AU clex
Kiss of Lethe clex
blowjobs clex
crossdressing lex
switching realities clex
SPN/SV crossover
Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)
Lexmas clex
The Kent's are dead
turning into animals clex
switching bodies clex
car clex
clone sex

July 16th, 2009

03:09 pm: Links to Big Bang challenges from several fandoms!
ha, you all probably thought, I have forgotten about the theme_clex_recs, since its been more than a year since I updated!
nope, not forgotten, just stalled, coz I am constantly being distracted by my shiny new fandoms merlin and SPN (castiel was too delicious to pass up).
anyway, lots of theme recs still lying around, and should I ever get holiday again, without my family occupying all my time, this will be updated!

meanwhile, to distract you all, here is a little list of big bang challenges from several fandoms, that I recently collected.
for those who do not know what big bangs are, they are usually fandom specific challenges for fics with a minimum of words between 15,000 and 50,000.

So, if you are in search of some juicy long fics to read, here the way (some are on the way, so just keep reading the infos in the userinfo for the details and posting dates):

Sci Fi
SV crossover

the HD big bang has more listed in their userinfo:

and if you are aware of others, please leave me a link, and I will add it to my list!

July 16th, 2008

03:23 pm: affiliate and other places for SV (clex) recs!!
So, you all are aware that updates are going very slowly here, which of course, makes it a good archive, but not, if you have a daily appetite for new recs, right?
where to go?

May I proudly present my first affiliate :D
danceswithgary is not just a very talented and prolific author, but she also has a huge theme clex rec archive at danceswithclex!
you will LOVE it there!
for quick orientation, here is her CLex Fic Recs: Master List

Other places, where I and other rec either weekly, or daily, are here:
wednesday recommendations at sv_renaissance or
at the new com smallville_pimp from aurora_bee

You are welcome to join the ranks of reccers, or simply enjoy the fics and vids and art!

June 9th, 2008

06:12 pm: clex fanzine novel to share: "Something To Believe In" by Kel
First, my apologies for not updating the theme clex recs for a very long time now, its just that I have always been very busy in reccing new fics at sv_renaissance.

I have been asking Kel already last year, when or whether she was planning to post her last clex fanzine novella on her website, and when she said, as she has changed fandom as well as were busy with other things at that time, she send me the fic along with the permission to share it with whoever would be interested.
The only thing she asked for is to not to archive it anywhere.
So you are welcome to leave me a comment with your email address, and i will forward the fic as PDF to you.

Please bear in mind, this fic is already quite old, and as an AU, its very far from any characterization that you are used to and know from the current state of the show. No Kara, No Olli, No Lois.. and her Lionel is.... also different :)

"Something To Believe In" by Kel
an AU CLex SLASH Smallville novel , out of print, not available anymore
Digest-sized, 224 pages.

Clark is underage, he is seventeen!!!! also, he is having sexual relationships with people other than lex !!
Please, I have send out the pdfs out today, everyone who reads, PLEASE consider this before you read!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Clark/m, other m/f
Spoilers: Season One through Drone
Summary: When Lex is found dead in Palm Springs, Clark and Lionel must fly to California for questioning in the case, and find a surprise waiting for them.

When Lex is reported dead in Palm Springs, Clark and Lionel must fly to California for questioning in the case, and find a surprise waiting for them.
Excerpt: Collapse )

the website with all of Kel's sv fics, in case you would like to refresh your memory with the entire body of her work :)

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